Guess the year of this clipping

IN EGYPT — THEY HAVE A WAY OF DEALING WITH FLAPPERS — CAIRO, Nov. 8 Because she stepped out nights, Zakia Ali’s mother and brother tied her and burned her to death.
 Because she was not home before dark, Maseda Zasari Critz’ father stabbed her with the point of a lance.
 Because she was seen talking to a young man, Fashima El Agazi was stabbed fatally by members of her family. [Another was beaten to death by her parents]. Such is the life of the flapper in Egypt; the case of the first mentioned, Zakia, is causing a bitter controversy. All of these cases are in court at the present time, and a new one comes up every week. 
The Moslems are enraged at the law’s intervention. Women are their property, they argue, and what will happen if they can’t kill their own daughters, they want to know.

That is the newspaper report. What year was it published?

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