“Science is the belief…

…in the ignorance of the experts” –Richard Feynman

When JFK was shot I promptly believed an ex-Marine had done it, and that Gov. Connally was collateral damage. Now I don’t. 

I believed nuclear energy was going to be the doom of mankind, now I see that the lack of energy is far more likely to doom us. 

I once believed flying saucers were alien spacecraft, now I doubt that. 

I believed the stock market crash of 1929 was caused by fear of a tariff increase, and now will lay heavy odds that that’s a lie.

I once believed anthropogenic CFCs scavenged ozone off of the polar regions, now I’m certain that that was a lie. 

I believed there probably was an altruist named Jesus, who wrote nothing, but nevertheless existed… 

Welcome to Nailed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgBqgu3MaTw

The original Zapruder film was made to disappear along with the autopsy, Oswald was silenced, the girl who interviewed Ruby was found dead and the angles don’t match geometry. Nothing generates power more safely than fission reactors. Eerie silence is all radio telescopes detect out there. Prohibition and asset forfeiture caused the crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008. Just so nobody alive at the time noticed there was a Jesus raising the dead, multiplying loaves and fishes, being tried publicly, being tortured as a spectator sport… Nobody noticed any of this until 150 years after the fact after all potential witnesses were safely dead. None of the records copiously made by the people of the first couple of centuries “Anno Domine” take any notice of those most important facts of reality that “everybody knows” because the televangelists tell them it is so.  Another day, another disabusal of some fantastic notion…

So the chances of anyone pointing to “trust us” assertions made on teevee by interested parties to the effect that sea levels are rising like water in a toilet tank and penguins are AGAIN roasting (this time by infrared)–and making them stick–are pretty slim. It is now the height of summer in Curitiba, same distance from the Equator as Brownsville, Texas, and close to 16º outside, just like it is most of the year, year after year, century after century. Brownsville has the same average temperature, 61º, though nearer the sea and sea level. 

The ozone theory is false because only the tip of the iceberg–one-ninth of humanity–lives in the southern hemisphere, and they WISH they had more CFCs to use in refrigerators instead of dying of food poisoning. Here is how that ninth is calculated:


The currently-fashionable global rotisserie theory is also false–not merely for lack of undoctored data–but because none of the experts quantify the excess solar energy flux purportedly trapped by that dastardly water vapor and its evil Greenhouse Gas allies. All of this means that we  again happily escape The End of The World.

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