A modest plank suggestion

LPThe libertarian party is the most anti-rape, anti-stoning, anti-pidgeonholing and anti-violence against everybody party there is, yet 2/3 of libertarians aren’t women. Why?

Lily Goldberg observes that anarchist men are disgusting, and this matches the evidence of my senses too. A poll showed only 2% of Republican women preferred Rand Paul, and he has six times as many supporters among that party’s faithful (including, no doubt the Log Cabin faction).
Q:  what’s wrong with these numbers?  A: The fallacy of equivocation.
The fallacy of equivocation occurs when a term has two different meanings in an argument.

So in a discussion of libertarians, injecting a gaggle of legalize-rape-and-murder anarchists* or force-women-to-reproduce Christian Republicans commits that fallacy. Shortly after stumbling into my first libertarian meeting I was accosted by an anarchist impersonating a libertarian. Ugh! Just ask yourself: who else would have them? And there’s your answer.

The same goes for Ron Paul and his boy Rand. Ron wrote me in the 1980s that he considers abortion: “aggression against the unborn.” Ergo, he is a Republican, Tea, Prohibition or Constitution party supporter. Republicans have no problem with discrimination, superstition and collectivism. Their entire party is about nothing else. Rand Paul is a testament to the danger of mystical brainwashing, but neither one is anything but an anti-choice, birth-forcing Republican. Our party has for 44 years had A Lady as its symbol, until some genius came up with the yellow chicken.

Calling two anti-choice Republicans “libertarian” has cost the LP 33% of the self-respecting female vote. It isn’t that women can’t reason, or are dependent or any of that claptrap. Nor did this mislabeling bring us a single vote. The Prohibition Party is now morphed into the Tea Party (which impersonates 1970s libertarians from Austin Texas, but rejects individual rights) and the Constitution Party (whose First Amendment advocates “the coercive exercise thereof” and whose Fourteenth Amendment begins “All ova fertilized“). Anyone willing to vote for antiabortion fanatics will go to that party under any or all three of those names–NEVER the Libertarian Party. I am offering heavy odds on that. The current plank makes the LP look like Republican impersonators!

Anarchists were 100% communist and socialist before 1971, and haven’t changed since. Like National Socialist Republicans they realize they have an image problem and instead of forming their own party and building theirs up, they act only tear down what positive image the Libertarian Party has earned. A Big Tent is a circus sideshow full of black Klansmen, Jewish nationalsocialists, pinhead intellectuals, looter capitalists and cross-dressing conservatives, not a political party with any sort of appeal to rational beings. Just as a girl knows better than to splash on cheap perfume and daub herself with greasepaint before throwing herself at every passing guy, the LP is also going to have to exercise a little more subtlety and acquire more discriminating tastes.

Mas vale sola que mal-acompañada would be a good expression for the LP platform committee to keep in mind. After all, with 2% of the vote we repeal lots of bad laws. And if we’d only shed some disgusting creeps and non-passable impostors back in the seventies we could by now be pulling down 5% of the vote or more in every election and writing the damn laws ourselves. Now, here’s my plan… We REPLACE that cowardly straddle in the 2012 platform with the following manly abortion plank:

The Libertarian Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion. (Not another word!)

If we want them to copy our planks, reset their priorities and change the laws, we might as well set the example. That’s what the Liberal Party did in 1932, and they got rid of the Prohibition laws that ignited the Great Depression. Another thing, joining sore losers, whining crybabies, impotent mystics and illiterate jerks who cannot understand language as simple as “free exercise” and “All persons born…” is not the way to attract anyone but disgusting creeps. We want to offer fresh alternatives and dispense with men-with-guns, taxes, fines-and-imprisonment and torture every chance we get.

  • Anarchism itself relies on the fallacy of affirming the consequent in efforts to gull libertarians. Until after violence has been excluded from a jurisdiction, that jurisdiction contains no free market whatsoever–much less a free market in the forcible restraint of men or women.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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