Your LP vote repeals bad laws!

RAMThe Libertarian party has been forcing the repeal of bad laws through the miracle of third-party spoiler votes for 45 years. Remember the draft? bans on condoms, birth control and abortion? Just as Uber and Lyft have left corrupt taxi oligopolies little choice but to improve services, competition for votes forces political parties to back away from totalitarianism or lose their government jobs to someone less obnoxious.

Here’s an example:

Ram Johnston, antiabortion Republican in Congress lost his seat to a pro-choice Democratic party suffragette. Newspapers show Ram that that could have been his hand in the till, but some individual-rights libertarian got the 5% of the vote Ram needed to stay on the Congressional payroll.

The libertarian candidate offered to stand up for the 2nd Amendment, but also to free everyone jailed under victimless nonsense laws and expunge their records, and to vote to repeal taxes every opportunity. Ram’s only hope for ever getting elected again is to forget all about trying to coerce and bully pregnant women, hippies and brown people. So his party changes its position on key issues after he pistol-whips the platform committee with a long-barreled .44 magnum. That is an example of how losing is winning every time it forces useless parasites to change idiotic laws.

That’s competition!

3 thoughts on “Your LP vote repeals bad laws!

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