Drug tests for dole recipients

assetforfeitureThe Republican party platform’s insistence on bullying women of fertile age has alienated a large voter segment. Realization has dawned that the GOP’s control of the Congress is up for grabs. As I write, London bookies lay 2-to-1 odds that a former First Lady will win the election.

The only votes God’s Own Prohibitionists can count on are millionaires (not counting Bernie), senescent old maids, religious altruists, eugenics enthusiasts, munitions workers and, of course, televangelist clergymen. Adding these together brought home the certainty of a landslide defeat, and that possibility adds to the importance of recent changes in the welfare dole.

According to Connor D. Wolf over at The Libertarian Republic, dole recipients went from 17 million–before the Bush-Administration II brought Mohammedan attacks on New York and the Pentagon–to almost 47 million welfare cases in 2014. The reason for this was the Bush Administration II’s enforcement of George ‘Holy War’ Bush’s asset-forfeiture plan enacted in October, 1987 (when it sparked the stock market crash). It was repeat of Herbert Hoover dangling tax forfeitures as bait to enlist States in prohibition enforcement in 1933. Naturally, the forfeitures brought recession after 1987, and in 2007 collapsed much of our financial structure when it coincided with interest rate changes in variable rate mortgages of homes being confiscated over hemp plants.

None of this is news or mystery to the Republican governors who leapt with whoops of joy upon the bandwagon to rob assets from the avatars of Satan–only to have the plunder explode in their faces. Now, peering from the smoking ruins of the Jim Crow revival that failed to discourage enough voters to defeat ‘The Kenyan,’ Republican state governors are feeling the attraction of Kristallnacht tactics to rid their states of the exact same hostile registered voters THEIR policies put on the dole when they collapsed the nation’s economy. Where Germany’s Christian National Socialists used phrenology, eugenics and religious ideology tests, Republican theocrats are casting their lot with no less flyblown a solution than Reagan-era pee-in-a-Dixie-cup urinalysis to separate Good from Evil dole moochers.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of cretins.

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