Bipartisan fence-sitting


Professional politicians, their ads subsidized by producers on orders of Richard Nixon, present a united front against change. Republicans portray each election as a choice between God (on their side) and Satan. Democrats, on the other hand, conjure visions of a struggle between Adolf Hitler and Edward Bellamy. Their common purpose is to block from consideration any small outside parties with long range plans for change.

When Reagan was running 36 years ago, Democrat 3-minute-men prophesied he would singlehandedly abolish all welfare and the streets would clog with the victims of starvation shortly after inauguration day. Republicans today are equally worked up over a Bernie victory tossing CEOs through plate glass windows till those same streets are choked with the bloody victims of communist rioting. These fanciful scenarios are hobgoblins neither branch of the Kleptocracy has the power or the guts to pull off. They are circulated by lobbyists and amplified by the unproductive hands that cash government paychecks every week or month.

None of this is accidental. Every vote cast for a Republican keeps power within the bipartisan Kleptocracy that has enthralled the land  these past 160 years. Small parties, like the communists and prohibitionists, fed their platform planks into its grinding lust for power and appetite for boodle. But the new figure looming fast on the horizon seeks neither wealth nor power. The Libertarian Party’s platform planks will undo much of the damage done by the prohibition and communist parties–both of which are alien interests the Bill of Rights was designed to repel.


What remains to be seen is whether internet-savvy voters will keep falling for the same sucker bait and misdirection that gulled our grandparents’ generation–and their grandparents’ before them. All you have to realize is that roughly the entire population is convinced that at least half the Congress are lying cowards. Opinion only varies as to which half, and voters are advised to listen closely while “both” the Democrats and Republicans describe each other.

Now consider casting a vote for the Libertarian party. To do otherwise will only further entrench the lying cowards. Democrats aren’t going to repeal the 2nd Amendment nor are the Republicans going to overturn Roe v. Wade and repeal the 14th Amendment. Yet both have consistently raised taxes and caused depressions and wars for 156 years running. What’s in it for you, to cause you to ignore other relevant possibilities?

Why keep the individual income tax? Why allow men with guns to arrest and shoot our kids, or kidnap them into extortionist courts and prisons when they’ve harmed no one? Why bring coffin-loads of our young citizens back from the other side of the world? Why allow prohibitionist asset-forfeiture to rattle the economy, double unemployment and wreck our retirement savings? Those things are happening right now, for no good reason. All are evils the Libertarian Party has struggled to eliminate for 44 years. Even if you don’t value your own money, why not spare a thought for your family’s future and freedom?

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