Antichoice loser odds

antichoice0416Oddschecker is a website outside the coercive influence of God’s Own Prohibitionists, where consenting adults may bet on outcomes of things like the election circus in These American States. The four worst losers–the politicians with the longest odds offered AGAINST their winning an election–are ALL mystical bigots who want men with guns to bully and coerce pregnant women.

The same breed of voter impersonators also wants contraceptives banned or restricted wherever ignorance and superstition make it politically feasible. But what makes for political feasibility?

It takes votes to run candidates, spoil jerk campaigns, cause fascist planks to lose elections and repeal bad laws in the bargain. Running, taking jerks off the chessboard and repealing bad laws in the process are precisely the things the Libertarian Party does better than anyone else. It’s how we win in every election. Why? Because the Libertarian Party platform is the best platform in the running–despite recent evidence of cowardice and hostile infiltration in the 2014 plank on choice.

Why infiltrate us? Ignoring the LP wasn’t an option for Nixon any more than ignoring the socialists and prohibitionists was an option for Cleveland, McKinley, TR or Taft. Tricky ditched the draft before the ink was even dry on the draft LP platform. The DemoGOP Supreme Court promptly took bans on condoms, birth control and abortion off the chessboard. “We support repeal of pornography laws” was in our first platform, remember? That was written in Colorado, alongside “We favor the repeal of all laws creating ‘crimes without victims’ … — such as laws on voluntary sexual relations, drug use, gambling”… Homosexuality was illegal then, and weed, like gambling, a felony–exactly the way the Democratic and Republican platforms ordered it be.

Speaking of gambling, British and Irish bookies are laying heavy odds on the Dem Dame to beat The Don, now that The Don, like Austin Petersen, has declared in favor of men with guns leaving pregnant women no choice other than: “reproduce or die!” Furthermore, the longest odds at the bottom of the bookies’ shitlist over at Oddschecker (Carson, Romney, Rubio, Ryan, see figure) are posted for anti-choice, woman-bullying Republican prohibitionists.

Libertarians must choose: side with coercive, superstitious, unconstitutional prohibitionism–and have voters remember that association–or speak and act for the rights of all individuals, pregnant or otherwise, the way we used to when the party had independence and backbone.

The things we opposed in 1971–no-knock laws, the communist manifesto income tax on individuals and civil asset forfeiture–just wrecked the economy down to bedrock under the reign of Bush The Second. By that administration’s policies, state looters confiscated homes and bank accounts at the urging of federal looter prohibitionists until money disappeared the way it did in 1929, 1933 and 1987.

This Waffen Bush fellow was a son of George “Holy War” Bush–the CIA guy who demanded the death sentence for hemp and bombed the Ottoman Empire until suicide bombers rained down on New York civilians. Observe that Bush dynasty asset forfeiture laws are being deleted–quietly and without fanfare–now that the damage is irreversible. Repeal of prohibition is replacing those criminal usurpations, just like the LP recommended in 1972.

The LP has a lot to be proud of, and helping to defeat suicidal Republican (and its twin the Islamic State) abuse of the violence of law in furtherance of religious totalitarianism is at the very top of that list. Let’s keep it there.

Libertarians are into contracts and agreements, and a Libertarian Translator does a bang-up job or translating contracts.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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