Principia Dilbertatica

Looter parties, like the Democrats and Republicans, gather a mossy aggregation of stale platitudes forced on them by the spoiler votes of many small parties. Most of these small parties are aggregations mystical fanatics, like the Ku Klux Klan, the Communist Party, Islamic Statists, or similar prohibitionists masquerading as single-sided, single-issue lobbies such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Industrial Workers of the World, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Workers’ Solidarity Alliance, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union or the Anti-Saloon League.

To someone on a mission from Allah, Jesus, God, Jim Jones or Richard Nixon, the enemy is an absolute evil manifested by Revealed Faith as opposed to the evidence of the senses transmitting the facts of reality, and must be prosecuted by the initiation of harmful or deadly force. The result of such endeavors is what you see in the newspapers.

The worst thing the Libertarian Party can do is let the opposition’s mindless mysticism decide the issues to be placed before voters. Election means choices, and choices are between two distinct alternatives. One such is the choice between enforcing coercive taxation to send men with guns pointed at our children to raise the cost of some sort of harmless enjoyment, or not pointing guns at the kids. I personally am proud and thankful–thankful that youth has progressed to the point of finding enjoyment in life without violating the rights of any individual, a good example. Elsewhere, youth are trained by their superstitious elders to proudly strap bombs to themselves or piously stone their mothers and sisters to death in a public square. Another choice is between forcing people to pay for young men with guns to go invade or bomb a foreign anarchy or Dark Ages dictatorship on the other side of the planet. Emulating those dictatorships by sending men with guns out to bully pregnant women is just as bad.

One alternative to these types of mossy looter baggage is original thinking. Scott Adams lives by his wits in a competitive market by drawing entertaining and relevant cartoons. The guy thinks outside the communist v. nationalsocialist box, and therefore outside the Democrat v. Republican box, adding extra dimensions as needed to express increasing complexity. I do not agree with all of Scott Adams’ ideas, but they are refreshing in their originality and in their tendency to replace the pointing of more guns with the pointing of fewer guns at the voters and their neighbors. Here is a sample of how he disagrees with “all” (meaning looter) candidates and approaches issues from a new direction.

Abortion, trade, Supreme Court, immigration, college and healthcare are examined in a way that is different from the previous-century approach preferred by geezer parties doddering under unshakeable dedication to beliefs that are patently false, manifestly absurd, and likely to get us killed. When the LP decides on a candidate, that candidate will, we hope, be like a rolling stone and strike out in a different direction. Our candidate should make the looters answer our tough questions–the questions important to voters exercising individual rights–rather than the other way around.

Big Tent, Big Dent in the ballot count

unitedfront1936The United Front was the 1930s version of the Big Tent, and made George Orwell fume in frustration at the futility of herding so many uncooperative cats. Its inevitable outcome arrived when looter comrades applauded Germany as Christian National Socialists joined Soviet International Socialists in carving up Czechoslovakia and Poland with bayonets. Only when Hitler invaded actual Communist territory did the Socialist Brotherhood break down and, through doublethink, throw its reality control into reverse to oppose “fascism.” 

Orwell revisited the concept in “1984,” the backdrop for which novel he developed after having been sent to survey defeated National Socialist Germany not long after the surrender. His English colleagues were criticized thus:

Actually, as Winston well knew, it was only four years since Oceania had been at war with Eastasia and in alliance with Eurasia. But that was merely a piece of furtive knowledge which he happened to possess because his memory was not satisfactorily under control. Officially the change of partners had never happened.

The pattern repeats itself as birth-forcing prohibitionists seek to infiltrate the Libertarian Party, in a campaign to absorb us into the soft machine that is progressively destroying individual rights (beginning with female individuals). To accomplish this, several disguises have been fashioned, among them the Tea Party and the Constitution Party.

The Tea Party is a mutated tentacle of the Prohibition Party–the same one that amended the Constitution to turn These States into a guerrilla combat zone. That Altruistic Experiment, together with asset forfeiture under the Communist Manifesto income tax, totally collapsed the economy. The Tea Party’s main planks–identical to those of the Constitution Party–are to send men with guns to stop people from enjoying plants and chemicals, and to force pregnant women to reproduce against their will.

But the Tea Party was actually an invention of Libertarian Merry Pranksters in Austin, Texas, decades before the GOP began impersonating us. Mystical fanatics have lately co-opted the name as a stalking horse, the better to infiltrate and subvert the Libertarian Party, and clone us into murdering prohibitionists ready for absorption into God’s Only Party.

All such efforts are doomed to failure because the LP is protected by a non-aggression principle whereby members renounce the very initiation of force that springs from the foundation of all violent, predatory, looter ideologies. For simple visualization, imagine a Deuterium atom. Its nucleus consists of one proton and one neutron. All looter ideologies, at their core, revolve around the twin evils of altruism and mysticism and cannot possibly be anything but violent and parasitical–anything else is to them unthinkable.

The world’s current problems are traceable to those two bad ideas. Take a look at the Islamic State and the Christian State that the Tea Party advocates in its platform (copied in part from the NSDAP). Each is a mirror image of the other in terms of fundamentals. Mohammedanism simply discarded a few contradictions when it fissioned off as a decay product of the main branch of Christian mysticism.

None of these violent theocracies bears any resemblance to the libertarian ideal of missing no opportunity to replace the initiation of force with some other solution. We vote for solutions that either dispense entirely with armed aggression or minimize same. This does not make us pacifists. It only acknowledges that enemies of freedom are, by definition, aggressors. We no more envy aggressors than we envy the radioactive glass that is the eventual end-product of all such endeavors.

Sound farfetched? Ask the Japanese…

Your LP vote repeals bad laws!

RAMThe Libertarian party has been forcing the repeal of bad laws through the miracle of third-party spoiler votes for 45 years. Remember the draft? bans on condoms, birth control and abortion? Just as Uber and Lyft have left corrupt taxi oligopolies little choice but to improve services, competition for votes forces political parties to back away from totalitarianism or lose their government jobs to someone less obnoxious.

Here’s an example:

Ram Johnston, antiabortion Republican in Congress lost his seat to a pro-choice Democratic party suffragette. Newspapers show Ram that that could have been his hand in the till, but some individual-rights libertarian got the 5% of the vote Ram needed to stay on the Congressional payroll.

The libertarian candidate offered to stand up for the 2nd Amendment, but also to free everyone jailed under victimless nonsense laws and expunge their records, and to vote to repeal taxes every opportunity. Ram’s only hope for ever getting elected again is to forget all about trying to coerce and bully pregnant women, hippies and brown people. So his party changes its position on key issues after he pistol-whips the platform committee with a long-barreled .44 magnum. That is an example of how losing is winning every time it forces useless parasites to change idiotic laws.

That’s competition!

Backstab Trump–make my day!

grinEntrenched Republican looters interested only in cushy government paychecks are horrified and appalled that a successful real estate developer is taking over their aborted political party. Naturally, machine Republicans are betting on duplicity, treachery and infidelity to thwart the will of the very voters to whom they are appealing for a renewal of their hiring agreements. Though convinced the other GOP candidates are incompetent, slimy poltroons compared to The Don, I actually hope its Svengalis succeed despite the 2 to 1 odds London bookies are offering against their plotting.


Donald Trump is the Republican party without the Beltway machine. It’s kind of like imagining the Democrats without Tammany Hall, or Reconstruction Republicans without federal troops at the secret ballot boxes. Far be it from me to endorse Trump, and my friends all have instructions to assist my suicide if I cast a vote for the real estate developer. But what I really hope, as always, is that something will happen to push the libertarian vote up into the double digits. That something could be the beltway soft machine backstabbing Trump the way it did Ron Paul’s libertarian-impersonator campaign four years ago. Mystical jihadists preferred to push Mitt (banks-have-feelings-too) the prohibitionist under the Obama bus, mainly to shut him up.

I hope God’s Own Prohibitionist delegates all vote for Trump, and the Hidden Persuaders override those votes and nominate some antichoice prohibitionist fanatic.  I have a dream that Trump will turn to his supporters and tell them “Eight months ago I said I like Libertarians; today I say I am going to vote the Libertarian ticket.” If Ross Perot–whose only plus was not being a CIA warmonger–can get 20% with no party or platform, surely the LP can too. After Rockefeller began endorsing the Prohibition Party in 1880, that party soon changed the Constitution to make America a dry dictatorship. It took 40 years. Republican venality could hand us a similar advantage without even trying, and we’ve been around 45 years already.