Backstab Trump–make my day!

grinEntrenched Republican looters interested only in cushy government paychecks are horrified and appalled that a successful real estate developer is taking over their aborted political party. Naturally, machine Republicans are betting on duplicity, treachery and infidelity to thwart the will of the very voters to whom they are appealing for a renewal of their hiring agreements. Though convinced the other GOP candidates are incompetent, slimy poltroons compared to The Don, I actually hope its Svengalis succeed despite the 2 to 1 odds London bookies are offering against their plotting.


Donald Trump is the Republican party without the Beltway machine. It’s kind of like imagining the Democrats without Tammany Hall, or Reconstruction Republicans without federal troops at the secret ballot boxes. Far be it from me to endorse Trump, and my friends all have instructions to assist my suicide if I cast a vote for the real estate developer. But what I really hope, as always, is that something will happen to push the libertarian vote up into the double digits. That something could be the beltway soft machine backstabbing Trump the way it did Ron Paul’s libertarian-impersonator campaign four years ago. Mystical jihadists preferred to push Mitt (banks-have-feelings-too) the prohibitionist under the Obama bus, mainly to shut him up.

I hope God’s Own Prohibitionist delegates all vote for Trump, and the Hidden Persuaders override those votes and nominate some antichoice prohibitionist fanatic.  I have a dream that Trump will turn to his supporters and tell them “Eight months ago I said I like Libertarians; today I say I am going to vote the Libertarian ticket.” If Ross Perot–whose only plus was not being a CIA warmonger–can get 20% with no party or platform, surely the LP can too. After Rockefeller began endorsing the Prohibition Party in 1880, that party soon changed the Constitution to make America a dry dictatorship. It took 40 years. Republican venality could hand us a similar advantage without even trying, and we’ve been around 45 years already.