Diamonds and reproductive rights

USGOPAnyone can walk into a pawnshop or jeweler’s, buy a diamond, hike up a volcano and throw that valuable diamond into the burbling lava, never to be recovered again. To the horrified gasps of the majority of onlookers, libertarians argue that that is the owners right. You may destroy your own diamond even if someone else does not like the idea–even if that someone else is willing to hire someone to pick up a gun and point it at you and threaten to kill you if you try to throw away the diamond. The menacing initiation of force is far, far worse. It is the anti-life.

Yet there is no bill in Congress to send men with guns to stop the hurling of valuable diamonds or gold into volcanoes or the ocean. Why?

Vegetarians often argue that animals have a right to life and that politicians must send men with guns to shut down packing plants and hamburger joints to stop what they view as senseless killing. Yet Congress passes no such law. Why?


In the first case, nobody throws valuable property away precisely because it is valuable. Values are what sane people act to gain and keep with no prodding or threats needed.  In the second case, even if some politicians felt inclined to agree that vegetarianism is a good thing, they also have sense enough to realize that sending men with guns out to coerce peaceful people definitely, always, results in people getting killed.

Most Congressmen also understand that shutting down food supplies while 22800 people a day are added to the world’s population–most of them in backward, superstitious countries where women have about the same rights as cattle–is absolutely guaranteed to lead to the widespread looting, violence and death recorded throughout history and explained in population biology textbooks. The only ethical systems that value looting, violence and death are mystical forms of altruism. And before 1972, all anarchists were proud to be included in the communist/socialist set of mystical altruist totalitarians.

Yet large segments of the population have been programmed to believe that Congress must pass laws forcing women to reproduce. Someone named Harlos, a self-described anarchist posing as a libertarian, argues with a perfectly straight face that we must send men with guns out to force women to reproduce all the way up to the last day. Why? Because rabidly insane mystics are able to invent hypotheticals to which “it’s your choice” would sound distasteful to a hypothetical “majority.” (I can recall a time when rational people didn’t expect suicidal mystics to hijack planes and fly them into crowded buildings, much less come up with arguments that dumb).

But anarchism is the doctrine that all laws against rape and murder must be repealed along with the governments that enforce them. Anarchists continue to infiltrate the LP–as they did during the brinkmanship standoff with communism–for purposes of tearing down freedom and strengthening totalitarianism.

If anarchist values weren’t utter nihilistic nonsense, they’d start their own political party and gather zero votes. Instead they try to infiltrate and ruin somebody else’s successful movement to repeal precisely the bad laws and taxes anarchists pushed as their agenda from 1848 to 1972.

The bottom line is that women, pregnant or not, are individuals endowed with inalienable individual rights. This is spelled out in the 14th Amendment added to the Constitution to stop coercion by ku-klux rapists–rapists appalled by the realization that they could no longer keep women as chattel slaves. It says: “All children born…” not “All ova fertilized…”  Surely this is no more complicated or difficult to understand than “shall not be infringed.”

The Nigerian Constitution says no such thing. Nor do the Iranian, Iraqui, Persian, Italian, Serbian, Syrian or Spanish constitutions. Some of those nations even allow the sale and purchase of  girls as rightsless creatures. If women without individual rights is what antiabortionists want, These States are not the place for them, nor is the Libertarian Party going to be their instrument for the destruction of individual rights.

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