Incompetent Interpreters in Ingland

Transperfect, The Big Word fail. Why? Because the courts needed wanted trained performers, not stuffed sausage off an assembly line. Story in the Guardian

Corporations crammed with vice-presidents and cajoling telephone secretaries are inefficient providers of highly skilled, interactive legal interpreting services. The sort of people able to think on their feet have too much self respect to grovel and urinate for a chance to work cheaply. But companies have to “deliver,” right? No delivery, no income; soooo… in come the impostors, as explained by this corporate spokesman.

Has anyone bothered to read what sort of terms and conditions any of those packing-plant “translater” operations makes people sign? The Big Word is a condescending faceless corporation patterned after an Asian dictatorship. Transperfect also requires signatures on documents incompatible with individual rights, to say nothing of professional self-respect, ability, self-confidence and honor.
Until such time as Her Majesty’s courts take the trouble to search professional association rolls for people who have passed simple interpreting or translation certification tests (in both directions) instead of letting themselves be gulled and seduced by smarmy corporate hustlers, the ends of justice will suffer from the effect of their dereliction.

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