Anti-Libertarian States


As the Libertarian Party convention approaches, eighteen states are keeping the Party of Principle off their ballots. What sort of States are these? What laws to they enforce? Which of the entrenched parties are they most beholden to?

Marijuana: Of the 18 anti-libertarian states, only Washington has legalized marijuana. Light a joint in any of the others and you will see men with guns moving toward you. They may not beat and shoot you–unless you resist or are insufficiently submissive. Expect them to rob you of money or property, maybe incarcerate you and even brand you a felon so that you lose Second Amendment rights of ever confronting them on a level playing field.

Abortion: Of these cartel-controlled soft-machine states, only three (ME, NH, NJ) offer women freedom of reproductive choice. The rest saddle the fair sex with a bewildering array of unconstitutional-yet-unrepealed general bans, post-viability bans, posturing legislative declarations, bans on morning-after pills, non-surgical techniques and chemicals and many insist on burdensome bureaucratic restrictions such as consents, notices, waiting periods and gag orders. Every year brings a fresh batch of officious fanatics and meddlesome bills.

As things stand today, bookies in England and Ireland are laying three to one odds that the pro-choice looter party will win the national election, and odds almost as hefty that the anti-abortion party will lose. The only recent development is fake betting odds sites that fade no bets but make pollster predictions for whoever pays the piper.

Entrenched party: The anti-libertarian states are evenly divided between the Democracy and the GOP. Ohio and Virginia are the cross-dressing “purple” players, and most of “blue” Tammany-type machines lie near the Great Lakes. Washington stands out as the lone anti-libertarian stats along the “bluish” West Coast.

Takeaways: The anti-libertarian states are committed to the initiation of force and violation of individual rights, but not conspicuously enthralled by either entrenched faction of the Kleptocracy. No attention was paid to tax rates because the financial collapses triggered by GOP prohibitionism more than offset the slow bleeding effect of Democratic parasites.  It is clear that all 18 states are hostile to freedom. The Canadian Libertarian Party could possibly be a good influence on the blue soft machines, but they have their own row to hoe. Exposing cartel ringleaders to their own asset forfeiture, victimless crime and grasping tax laws through selective whistleblowing is another option. A clearer, shorter, straddle-free platform couldn’t hurt either.

Verifiable voting: Of course the only real solution is elimination of the “secret” ballot curtain so roundly denounced by Lysander Spooner when introduced during Reconstruction. Only when every voter is handed a hashtag with which to see how his or her own vote was honestly counted and tallied will the fraud that binds such collusion together release its grip. Robert Heinlein outlined one such approach in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” Voters cast their ballots at banks, vouched for neighbors and family members, and watched the tellers’ tally in real time. THAT’s democracy.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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