Are antichoice candidates libertarian?

germangirl1892Prohibitionists who want to ban or restrict abortion are hostile infiltrators out to wreck the LP. Anarchists tried the exact same thing in the 1980s, and the attempt failed. 

Political reasons:
1. Anti-choice lobbies have already wrecked the Prohibition, Republican, Democratic, Tea and Constitution parties, all of which favor the initiation of force and woman-bullying looter theocracies. Why let their mole infiltrate us under the flap of a “big tent”?
2. The LP has the lowest mystical content of any political party; imitating theocracy parties only attracts  hostile infiltration; the “good faith” plank language is a leftover George Bush device coined to encourage illegal searches by poorly-trained police.
3. Even among entrenched mystical parties, bookie calculations and primary voting gave the most fanatical antiabortionists the highest odds of LOSING. (See McCain, Palin, Romney, Paul Ryan)
4. The Democratic party, with the most pro-choice platform, is the odds-on favorite for WINNING where money talks. ( 3 to 1 the Dems win)

Economic reasons:
1. The crash and panic of 2007 was caused by the Bush party ramping up faith-based asset forfeiture that year. The crashes and depressions of 1929, 1933 and 1987 were also triggered by prohibition coupled with tax enforcement. Conservative prohibitionism causes economic collapses, is anti-libertarian, is not fiscally responsible.
2. Socialism is dead, so the Dems offer no long-term threat. Christian National Socialism has–since the fall of communism–swelled to occupy the vacated communist ecological niche and dominated the GOP. Let’s not encourage this.
4. Loss of individual rights for women is invariably followed roughly 17 years later by a spike in property and violent crime. Repeal of woman-bullying laws herald drops in crime rates, as occurred in Canada after 1988, when antiabortion laws were ruled unconstitutional. (see Freakonomics)

Constitutional and legal reasons:
1. America’s First Amendment protects the “free exercise” of religion. It is Mohammedan law that exhorts the coercive enforcement of religious laws, especially to bully women. Pro life-after-death is anti-life.
2. The 14th Amendment establishes rights for: “All persons born…” GOP fanatics and their infiltrators seek by law to change that to “All ova fertilized…”
3. The 13th Amendment forbids slavery and involuntary servitude, so women may not be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, much less be forced to raise monsters.
4. The Supreme Court acted to strike down all laws forbidding abortion right after the Libertarian Party began tallying votes. Canada has had no  abortion laws since 1988 when they too declared them unconstitutional.

Philosophical and religious reasons: 
Ayn RandAbortion is a moral right—which should be left to the sole discretion of the woman involved; morally, nothing other than her wish in the matter is to be considered.
Tonie Nathan (’72 LP VP candidate), believed in a woman’s right to an abortion while never dreaming of having one herself, and she defended gays, if and when they were harassed or discriminated against. Ran with John Hospers, an organizer of the Libertarian Defense Caucus.
Association of Libertarian Feminists: “The basic human right to limit one’s own reproduction includes the right to all forms of birth control (contraception, including sterilization, and abortion), recognizing the dual responsibility of both sexes. ALF therefore opposes all practices and all governmental actions that restrict access to any of these means of birth control, and advocates the elimination of all laws and practices that would compel any woman to bear a child against her will.”
Holy Bible, King James Version: Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. (Psalm 137:9)

The Libertarian Parties in the US and Canada are beacons of hope for the rest of the world. Every country that lacks one is a dictatorship–or at the very least a kleptocracy of mixed-economy criminals.

To communicate with libertarians elsewhere, it helps to have a libertarian translator.

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