Third-party victory in Norway

Henrik Mestad stars as Jesper Berg, the environmentalist Prime Minister of Norway elected on an Econazi Green platform committed to shutting down offshore oil and switching to Thorium reactors. Russians and Vichy Europeans kidnap the PM, land troops on oil platforms and turn Norway into a low-key remake of Amerika or Red Dawn in the political thriller Okkupert.
Okay, it’s a teevee show mostly in a language nobody understands (sprinkled with English and Russian). But through the magic of subtitles and dubbing the show is finding customers in many countries. The downside? The actor playing the Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister looks disturbingly like Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson.
The Mein Kampf backdrop to Norway’s takeover by the Econazi strain of New Left memes is a damaging hurricane. The script says Der Sturmer was caused–not by selfish stock-exchange jewry–but rather, selfish Global Warming deniers. Libertarians study real science, not State of Fear-mongering, and These States (bluish) are a heckuva lot bigger’n Norway (purple) when you compare the true sizes.
The world needs to understand that not all small parties are alike. The LP stands foursquare behind the second amendment, which, as pointed out in the April, 1986 issue of Physics Today, assures the several States full rights to use nuclear weapons to repel invasions if “actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.” Americans can safely vote Libertarian with no fear of Russians invading oil rigs off the coast of Texas.


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