Altruists with bombs

undesirableThe USA had the same problem with berserk religious fanatics that is driving England out of the European Union: kamikaze murderers that do not value their own lives. A century ago, when communism was a relatively new faith entering into competition with older, established religions, hardly a week went by without some idealistic youth surprising authority with a bomb or a fusillade. As long as it occurred in Europe, Americans viewed these acts with sanguine schadenfreude.

But soon after European immigrants and their home-brainwashed issue began blowing things up in Chicago and shooting U.S. politicians, Congress authorized the exclusion of communist anarchists from the US. This was nearly two decades before Comrade Lenin expelled them from the communist party. Did excluding suicidal berserkers make Congress or the Bolsheviki racist? Not then it didn’t, but this is now. According to the collectivist politicians now endorsed by the Communist Party USA, English voters sick and tired of mohammedans running amok among their disarmed citizens–blowing up buses and beheading journalists–are racial collectivists! Furthermore, anyone not wishing to be blown up for Allah is “extreme right-wing” according to the looter press in Europe and South America.

“Extreme right-wing” muslims are, according to the same looter press, the ones with suicide vests and Soviet machine guns. That they are goaded into attacking innocent bystanders by “right-wing” christians is an article of faith among this class of journalist. By induction one suspects that “right-wing” is a euphemism for everyone given over to non-communist mystical zealotry. In fact, when Soviet communists invaded mohammedan Afghanistan, Toledo journalists described Americans cheering for the mujaheddin as “right-wing.” It seems safe to dismiss the lot as clueless scribbers of meaningless adjectives and instead examine the facts.

ALL of the EU member states except England, Ireland and Cyprus were collaborationist with and/or occupied by National Socialism before May 1945. Experiments with genocide to extirpate “selfishness” (a survival trait innate to all DNA) were resorted to by Christian Germany, mostly against semitic victims. Mohammedanism, with its suicide-vest altruism, is on a genocidal campaign of its own against which guilt-ridden Europe can offer no intellectual defense. The US refused entry to dangerous brainwashees and England is following suit.  As far back as 1971 the Libertarian Party solved this infiltration problem by introducing an agreement to not initiate the use of force. This non-aggression pact required for membership in the Libertarian Party was written back during the Nuremberg trials, when national socialists were being hanged for genocide.

At those trials devoutly religious men justified wanton murder on grounds of altruism or following orders (statism). Since then the religious Aum cult in Japan has poisoned commuters with nerve gas, the People’s Temple in Guyana resorted to mass-suicide, christians murdered a christian community in Waco and mohammedans from all over the old Ottoman Empire have increasingly attacked buildings, buses and trains with multiple fatalities.  American military adventureres and colonizing Englishmen are only now beginning to awaken to reality.

Not one libertarian journalist or politician is calling the Brexit majority voters racists.  Here’s hoping those voters remember our free market individual-rights party when they next set foot in their polling places. 

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