Shaping the Laffer Curve

laffercurvesmThe Rolling Stones left socialist-labor England for France in 1971, when income tax consumed all but a particle of the band’s income–just as the Beatles had wryly predicted in Taxman. Gimme tax Shelter was as perfect a practical demonstration of the workings of the Laffer Curve as could be devised in an experiment. Nixon’s violent usurpations that same year shifted a tipping point for the return to freedom, and the Libertarian Party came into existence. But what is the shape of this curve economists of the looter persuasion have struggled so tediously to evade since it began to undermine support for the 1848 communist income tax? What numbers that fit the curve?

The fundamental term in the theory of supply and demand is willingness. Therefore the hump in the curve has to lie close to the origin.  Intellectuals of the looter persuasion infesting the Wikipedia, pile the hump as close as possible to the 100% rate of a perfectly communist economy. This curve has been around for a millennial’s millennium, and is clearly bounded and defined. So where does the curve for These States quit rising, flatten and start to fall? That zero point at which the slope of the function changes from positive to negative might well be among the most important numbers in all the social sciences. So at what percentage does the change occur? President Coolidge remarked December 3, 1928:


“Four times we have made a drastic revision of our internal revenue system, abolishing many taxes and substantially reducing almost all others. Each time the resulting stimulation to business has so increased taxable incomes and profits that a surplus has been produced. (…) Under this sound and healthful encouragement the national income has increased nearly 50% until it is estimated to stand well over $90,000,000,000. It has been a method which has performed the seeming miracle of leaving a much greater percentage of earnings in the hands of the taxpayers with scarcely any diminution in the Government revenue.”  (NY World Almanac 1929 147)

The Laffer Curve turning point, shortly before prohibition and the income tax caused the Great Depression, was clearly around the 5% mark.

When Calvin Coolidge was president government share of GDP was approximately 4% of GDP, and communist socialism had controlled an entire country, Russia, for a mere four years. The mind virus or altruist meme that German communists developed and unleashed on the world spread. It was was nurtured into explosive growth by organized mysticism, machine politicians and union organizers among the vast bureaucracy fed and watered with money taken at gunpoint. Their efforts, by brutality or brainwashing, focus on pushing that turning point closer to the 100% mark. That the political parasitism of looter ideology is best described as a contagious mental illness–or a religion of organized looters–is obvious from comparing the two graphs.

Just as a dog or cow becomes weaker and sicker when infested by fleas, ticks, worms and other parasites, so the economy of a polity is sickened and ruined by infestation by the “unproductive hands” mercantilist prof. Adam Smith warned against as the ONLY cause of the ruin of nations. This observation came 192 years before the development of the non-aggression principle underlying modern libertarian political economy.

Philosopher Ayn Rand warned that an unhealthy fascination with death–clearly visible in today’s Saracen berserkers–is the false value behind all altruistic philosophies, be they bureaucratic or obscurantist. Surely by now the lessons of Christian National Socialism, Soviet Socialism, Prohibition and the Great Depression, Crusades and Jihads, the Holy Roman Inquisition, Pol Pot’s killing fields, the Ku Klux Klan, the People’s Temple in Guyana and Islamic State Sharia law have had time to sink in and be understood even by the laziest of stolid citizens!

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Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses, and how its causes changed the laws. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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“A million christians and mohammedans died… in the Crusades.”
“Faith can remove mountains of people!” Cartoon by Brazil’s own Adão Iturrusgarai


Eric Marie Remarque em “A Oeste Nada de Novo” imaginou uma guerra na qual os generalíssimos, marechais e arcebispos digladiavam numa arena populada por soldados que formariam a torcida. Eu compararia ingresso e até pipoca para assistir às cruzadas v. jihades nesse esquema.


Individualist beliefs

Henry Lewis Mencken wrote:

  • I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie.
  • I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave.
  • And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.

Ayn Rand believed:

  • You must choose your values and actions by reason;
  • Every individual has a right to live for his or her own sake, neither sacrificing self to others nor others to self; and
  • No one has the right to seek values from others by physical force, or impose ideas on others by physical force.

Is this complicated? Unclear? Does any of this sound like bomb-throwing anarchism? Does it logically lead to cartel mercantilism? When was the last time you saw a Republican National Socialist or a People’s Democratic Republic politician identify and criticize these utterances? When was the last time you heard a better and more cogent position statement?

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Escombros Olímpicos

Nas profecias dos interessados, dos seus amiguinhos empreiteiros–e da sua mídia apadrinhada antes das olimpíadas–tudo seria feito abaixo do orçamento e bem dentro do prazo, sem goteiras, infiltração, pane elétrico…

Foi o que disseram na Grécia e antes dos jogos em Sarajevo. Mas como toda profecia ou promessa de político com a mão no dinheiro alheio, só a conjugação nos tempos futuros é bonita. Olhando para trás, a trapaça transparece nos escombros  e piadas nada olímpicas.

Segundo a reportagem na revista Reason Magazine, há esparramado pelo mundo monumentos à inocência de eleitores nas mãos dos partidos saqueadores e da sua mídia fantoche.

E para que servem as olimpíadas? Em 1936 serviram de propaganda para o Reich nazifascista, que exportava o amor pelo altruísmo nacional socialista, sacrifício e dever, e ódio pela plutocracia da iniciativa privada, com a sua liberdade e felicidade. Hoje o novo Reich é o estado nacional socialista na pessoa do congresso e senado americanos, mais uma vez vez reforçados pelo coletivismo racial do klã proibicionista de cruzes ardentes.

Segundo o proibicionismo do atual congresso americano, dominado por políticos que querem proibir até as pílulas anticoncepcionais, treinar respirando o ar nas alturas de Quito, Lima ou La Paz é “doping”. Observe na tevê que todos os “experts” que acusam os atletas russos são americanos, polichinelos dessa estirpe ideológica. Após 72 anos escravizados pelo socialismo internacional, os russos, finalmente democratizados, hoje se deparam com novas mutações do antigo fanatismo místico e nacionalsocialista.

Prohibition and police murders: 1912

Virginia Moonshiners kill Sheriff, Judge, Court Clerk, Prosecutor, Juror! shrieked the headlines… But it was not such an unprohikilling1912usual day back in February of 1912, when tax revenues were falling and Congress debated more Excise bills and taxes on corporations and partnerships. 

There were no hillbilly lives matter tweets back then, and anyone could buy rifles and pistols without a permit or forms to fill out. Just like today, violence in America only flared when tariffs or excise taxes became confiscatory, as in 1860, or government itself became violent in infringing individual rights, as in 1967. This episode is simply another case of politicians manipulating the churchly and gullible to line their political pockets with another “sin tax.” Never do these altruists spare a thought for the men with guns sent out to collect someone else’s money. People who send men with guns to coerce citizens are always the first to act surprised when the citizens respond in kind and act to free their kin from the clutches of kidnappers.

Refusal to learn from experience and the lessons of history is one of the many mechanisms that put evolution into high gear to correct the imbalance. Today citizens have the peaceful option of voting for the libertarian party platform through its candidates at all levels of local, state and national government.

Quanto mais armas, menos homicídios

O Proibicionismo Mata

Homicídios per capita em Nova York

Economistas como Paul Krugman que ganham o prêmio Nobel entendem algo de estatística. No gráfico, o número de homicídios em Nova York desde 1900, quando qualquer um comprava um revolver da Sears por cinco dólares.

As mortes aumentaram durante a cobrança da lei seca entre 1919 e 1934, quando o fanatismo religioso fez da cerveja um crime com pena de reclusão–ou pena de morte para quem tentasse fugir.

Essa ditadura abstemiosa só acabou quando o presidente Hoover se valeu do confisco de bens para cobrar cumprimento da lei seca. A manobra destruiu completamente a economia do país e resultou nas derrotas do partido republicano de 1932 até 1952.

O segundo aumento nos homicídios que aparece no gráfico veio na esteira do assassinato do Kennedy. Nixon cobrou o proibicionismo ríspido de cânhamo, cogumelos, cactos, chacrona, mariri, LSD. Enfim, tudo o que competia com a destilação enaltecida no poder era proibido. Isso foi sequela da corrupção cartelizada pela lei seca anterior, os políticos corruptos agora controlados pelos destiladores legalizados tratavam de proibir a concorrência em regime neo-muçulmano.

Os assassinatos diminuiram depois de outro colapso econômico. O George Waffen Bush se valeu do confisco de bens para cobrar cumprimento das novas leis proibicionistas lançadas na época de Nixon. Isso destruiu a economia americana. A lição ficou clara e os estados americanos agora revogam as leis proibicionistas e legalizam produtos inofensivos que competem para reduzir o consumo da bebida e o tabagismo.

O governo americano exportou o proibicionismo fanático para outros países mediante grampos telefônicos e da internet. Com isso recuperou dinheiro apostando na desvalorização das bolsas e moedas dos países iludidos pelas leis de confisco de bens. Afinal, o comunismo soviético nada mais era do que um regime de confiscos. Funcionou?

Hoje os lugares que mais importam fanáticos religiosos e proíbem o porte pacífico de armas têm as ruas ensanguentadas. Já em Nova York, onde a Segunda Emenda e o Supremo facilitaram o porte de armas pelo cidadão, a taxa de homicídio cai ao passo que o fanatismo é cerceado e o cidadão se torna dono do nariz.

Ficou claro esse retrato? Você gostaria de poder votar pelo Partido Libertário? Não  pode, pelo menos não sem se mudar para o Primeiro Mundo. Mas se quiser se valer de um tradutor libertário e orwelliano procure no Speakwrite.

p.s. Agradecimentos à revista Reason Magazine por me chamar a atenção ao tuíte do Krugman.


Death to Kingpins

God’s Own Prohibitionists want the death sentence for enjoyable drug kingpins…

Just not THIS one.

“And for the drug kingpins: the death penalty.” These are the words of the president–not of some South American military junta–but of  the United States of America on September 5, 1989. Isolated incident? GOP president George Holy War Bush made similar declarations on nearly half a dozen occasions, all recorded in his Presidential Papers. But similar assertions were made my President Clinton October 6, 1996, on September 16 & 24th and bragging November 2, and other occasions. Not to be outdone, George Waffen Bush declared in favor of extermination camp treatment–not only for hemp kingpins–but also for cop-killers other than himself. **

This junior George also repeated the error committed by fellow Republican prohibitionist Herbert Clark Hoover in 1933. He declared asset-forfeiture open season on anything that could be confiscated, so long as someone with a badge and a gun imagined “in good faith” he could get away with it. Herbert Hoover’s use of taxes for enforcement shut down every bank in America before he left office. Congress, Bush Daddy & Reagan wrecked the economy the same way in 1987-92. The George Waffen Bush version of the fiasco in 2007 coincided with subprime mortgage rate resets on a large fraction of homes police were avidly confiscating because someone “thought he smelled grass.”

The Obama administration resorted to having Hillary Clinton export Anti-Money “Laundering” legislation through the United Nations. Throwing other nations under the bus that way made it possible for American traders to short their currency and securities as soon as those countries’ economies collapsed under the weight of FATF, AML, TF, CFT, DNFBP, IRS-CID, INL, ICRG, GIABA, GAFISUD, FSRB, FIU, FinCEN, EAG and GPML “mentors” telling foreign politicos what sort of prohibitionist and anti-“laundering” laws to pass. The resulting Survive and Thrive Insider trading–like selling enjoyable drugs–worked like a charm for anyone who is above the law. Bush Jr, Hillary and Timothy Geithner all qualify. Whether the 19-year old daughter of a DEA agent–a sweet child who violated no individual rights whatsoever–also qualifies for exemption from idiotic federal and Texas laws depends, in part, on WHAT you vote for: life and production? or death and taxes?

If you think this delightful child should be murdered for peaceful, rights-respecting, consensual enjoyment, then by all means vote for the Republican Party or Democratic Party prohibitionists. Just don’t act surprised when the Thought Police turn up on your doorstep. To free the girl, expunge the record and clear her name, vote for the Libertarian Party candidate nearest you. This benevolent act will also reduce the likelihood of another financial collapse.

**By militarizing and then bribing all police with asset forfeiture loot and impunity George Waffen Bush made America’s police forces into Public Enemies. Bush, through victimless “crime” demonization is ultimately the man responsible for prohibition killings and in retaliation many a policeman murdered in America today. The Bush dynasty is responsible for the unemployment and financial depression that ALWAYS follows turning tax laws into mohammedan-style instruments of religious enforcement, as in 1987 and 2008.

*** In April 2019 Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams declared in favor of the death sentence for enjoyable drug kingpins and queenpins. This appeared in his Periscope blog, and may eventually be taken down for deniability purposes.

Now improved with added foreign-language support…

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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The Sincerest Flattery

So The Don’s poledancer babe copied verbatim the Kenyan’s old lady’s speech? Welcome to reality, where entrenched political machines try “whutevah woiks” in an effort to secure “jobs for the boys.”
The standard of value in machine politics–jobs for parasites–is like that gold standard of perfection food industry corporations seal in nitrogen and store at liquid nitrogen temperatures: snacks for teevee vidiots. Perfect snacks are what food factories preserve for periodic quality control testing, to tweak their production lines. We’re talking the cream-of-the-crop Superbowl-watching snacks representing absolute perfection. But those junk food snacks go straight in the trash and are replaced by the competition’s convenience store packages as soon as the competition tops your corporate sales. Buyers determine what is perfect, independent-minded voters determine what platforms and laws appeal to them. Political soft machines look at those votes, calculate the paychecks their boys could be getting, and decide that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

spoilervotes_LPThat’s competition. Junk food and junk politics work the same way. Neither entrenched party has any principles other than government jobs for its own unproductive hands (parasites, to biologists). Taxed voters want something for themselves, not more mooching politicians. Each entrenched looter party therefore operates pragmatically on an inductive feedback loop guided by spoiler votes, just as snack food companies scramble to produce whatever customers are rushing out to buy. Nowadays it’s freedom, thanks to the crash and depression created by asset-forfeiture prohibitionism under Republican rule. The connection between individual rights and a healthy economy is finally sinking in in a way it did not after November of 1932.

Spoiler means defeating. To the Democrats it meant CPUSA votes after 1968, National Socialist Envirobeiterpartei votes after 2000. To the GO Pee it means Libertarian Party votes as of 1972. The communist party was THE rising tide in 1860, when Red Republicanism sought to tax and spend our way out of the depression resulting from Britain’s Opium Wars. But today we know about mass starvation, murderous purges, fleeing refugees shot in cold blood, censorship and brainwashing never once mentioned in “A Traveler From Altruria” or “Looking Backward.” Now that the looter mystique is punctured, with adherents abandoning the wreck , a vote for the CPUSA is truly a wasted vote as the communists themselves admit. Today we seek the unknown ideal, something never tried: individual rights. I vote libertarian because that is the best and fastest way to change the laws and maximize freedom. Anything else is a wasted vote that will help to get us killed. Remember that in November…

Elections and Auctions

Elections are contests between political parties using platforms as vote bait. The candidates are typically clowns and chimpanzees added to attract the rubes and provide a circus atmosphere. Looter party platforms propose the sort of laws men with guns and impunity will be turned out to enforce, even if it means making regrettable examples of a few individuals now and then.

LPpoll0716At a police auction for confiscated vehicles, unusually high bids on, say, Chevy SUVs, are a signal to officers that more Chevy SUVs need to be confiscated via asset-forfeiture on grounds of suspicion. Auction bids thus generate price information to guide government employees’ actions, almost like an ethical standard of value.

Votes work the same way. As soon as one entrenched party begins to abscond with lots of government jobs, the other refuses to look at the small party the winning party is getting its ideas from. None of that. They third-hand imitate the second-hand ideas the first lot plagiarized from some small group of dedicated looter altruists.  This causes much shouting and gnashing of teeth among activists for the small party from which the imitating losers USUALLY get their ideas. The ideas boil down to either Stalinist communism or the sort of Christian National Socialism popular in Hitler’s Germany, nothing newer than these one-dimensional looter systems. But votes in elections do carry information–the same way prices transmit information about what consumers want.

In “our democracy” the Dems copy their planks from the communists at, and the GO Pee prohibitionists copy their planks from… you guessed it! The Prohibition Party–oldest third party, third oldest party and its other imitators, the Tea and Constatoo-shun parties. All of these intellectual providers and spoiler vote threateners of “both” beast-of-burden parties think of men with guns as the obvious solution to every real or imagined problem. The Libertarian Party, on the other hand, actively seeks solutions that do not require the coercion of citizens by jackbooted minions with guns. When you vote libertarian, you are eliminating the middleman and transmitting your preferences directly. This places spoiler vote pressure on the entrenched party politicians so that they have to change their platforms–change the laws–or lose their government jobs. Farfetched? Make your own choice and change ten times the laws with your vote. See the platform in two languages at

War on Cops, 1927


Sarasota Herald Tribune

That same Senator Edwards of New York who was alarmed by the 159 persons killed by federal agents alone during 8 years of the War on Drinks disclosed other numbers. By the start of 1926 a quarter of all federal prohibition agents had already been fired for–besides shooting people “in the back, in cold blood”–intoxication, misconduct, extortion, bribery and soliciting money.

Of course to anyone determined to disbelieve the factual record, these disclosures in 1927 all had to be lies and misrepresentation in some sort of War on Police. And here we are today, with yesterday’s felons–Anheuser Busch, Miller, Coors, Schlitz, Seagrams–all now owning congress and the senate. Congress and the senate proceed to ban plants, mushrooms, harmless gases and enjoyable drugs. Even drugs that, like LSD, have never caused a single fatality (let alone hundreds of people a year killed by prohibitionist coercion), are banned so that their effects on users cannot even be demonstrated in tests so that witnesses can judge for themselves. Lobbyists paying for the bans have a pretty good idea of how customer choices would affect their sales.

Today we are flooded with smartphone videos of men with guns on government payrolls ganging up and murdering citizens on orders from “bipartisan” politicians, often shooting them in the back, in cold blood, but released by no-bills, dropped charges or mock trial.  How can all of these also be lies and misrepresentation in some sort of War on Police? Could the financial collapse in both prohibitionism cases also be imaginary?

It is amazing how history rhymes and repeats every time and everywhere entrenched political parties declare violent warfare against the harmless exercise of individual rights. If you are looking for an alternative political party, you might take a look at the libertarian platform over at How many other parties want you to read their platform?