Prohibition and police murders

deking04_1929Three days after the sinking of the I’m Alone, housewife Lilian De King of Aurora, Illinois, was shot and killed by a dry-raiding sheriff as she tried to call her lawyer on the phone. An informant had been paid $5 for accusing Mr. De King of selling him a pint of liquor for $2 nine days earlier. Outraged, the couple’s 12-year-old son shot the raider in the leg, but Baptist and Methodist ministers serenely pronounced his mother’s killing a justified act of law enforcement. The AAPA—Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, had released Scandals of Prohibition Enforcement March 1, adding fuel to the sense of outrage, and Time Magazine ran the text of the Jones Five & Ten law in its March 25th, 1929 edition.

The Jones law was the brainchild of Senator Wesley Livsey Jones (same one who wrote the fascist shipping law), and its effect was to make a bottle of beer a felony offense under teetotalitarianism. The law was passed just days before Dry Hope Herbert Hoover was sworn in as President. Today’s Sharia Law in the USA, as in Mohammedan countries, leads to exactly the violence you see in the headlines, just as in 1929, when prohibitionist asset forfeiture led to the Stock Market Crash, which foreshadowed The Great Depression.

Based on a chapter from Prohibition and the Crash by J Henry Phillips

Don’t blame me if you lost your home and savings: I voted libertarian!  Need a translator to immigrate from some US-backed military dictatorship?


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