Prohibition & police murders, 1927

killers15nov1927Senator Edwards of New York was by November of 1927 already alarmed by the murders committed in pursuance of pseudoscience and superstition as manifested by the violence of law and popular reaction against same.

By his count there were then 175 fatalities, 49 of which were prohibition agents. This meant a scoreboard with dry killers beating productive citizens by nearly 4 to 1. Bureaucrats in the government, meaning the Republican, Democratic and Prohibition parties, denied this and produced less embarrassing tallies of “justifiable” homicides.

Back then the glucose trust had funded dry agitation and a high tariff on sugar to profit from monopolising artisanal production, and the casualties were to glucose manufacturers mere collateral damage worth the outlay for political pull in a mixed economy.  What we see today is similar. Whole new categories of safe, non-addictive enjoyable drugs are replacing deadly but revenue-generating tobacco and alcohol, but those entrenched industries’ lobbyists are doing all they can to use the looter government to prevent a competitive market in which the customer is king.

The “bipartisan” government is itself the captive prisoner of two powerful and corrupt factions–the Republican and Democratic parties. They are abetted in their machinations by lesser parasites, namely the Prohibition, Tea and “Constitution” parties representing mohammedan-style mystical terrorism and eternal war, and the Communist and Green parties representing the intellectual vestiges of the Stalin and Hitler-led collectivists. None of these parties will discuss the nature and purpose of government or the definition and function of individual rights.

You can make a difference by voting libertarian. No such choice was available in 1927. Read the platform at

This has been a volunteer message from, translator and simultaneous interpreter.

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