War on Cops, 1927


Sarasota Herald Tribune

That same Senator Edwards of New York who was alarmed by the 159 persons killed by federal agents alone during 8 years of the War on Drinks disclosed other numbers. By the start of 1926 a quarter of all federal prohibition agents had already been fired for–besides shooting people “in the back, in cold blood”–intoxication, misconduct, extortion, bribery and soliciting money.

Of course to anyone determined to disbelieve the factual record, these disclosures in 1927 all had to be lies and misrepresentation in some sort of War on Police. And here we are today, with yesterday’s felons–Anheuser Busch, Miller, Coors, Schlitz, Seagrams–all now owning congress and the senate. Congress and the senate proceed to ban plants, mushrooms, harmless gases and enjoyable drugs. Even drugs that, like LSD, have never caused a single fatality (let alone hundreds of people a year killed by prohibitionist coercion), are banned so that their effects on users cannot even be demonstrated in tests so that witnesses can judge for themselves. Lobbyists paying for the bans have a pretty good idea of how customer choices would affect their sales.

Today we are flooded with smartphone videos of men with guns on government payrolls ganging up and murdering citizens on orders from “bipartisan” politicians, often shooting them in the back, in cold blood, but released by no-bills, dropped charges or mock trial.  How can all of these also be lies and misrepresentation in some sort of War on Police? Could the financial collapse in both prohibitionism cases also be imaginary?

It is amazing how history rhymes and repeats every time and everywhere entrenched political parties declare violent warfare against the harmless exercise of individual rights. If you are looking for an alternative political party, you might take a look at the libertarian platform over at LP.org How many other parties want you to read their platform?


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