Elections and Auctions

Elections are contests between political parties using platforms as vote bait. The candidates are typically clowns and chimpanzees added to attract the rubes and provide a circus atmosphere. Looter party platforms propose the sort of laws men with guns and impunity will be turned out to enforce, even if it means making regrettable examples of a few individuals now and then.

LPpoll0716At a police auction for confiscated vehicles, unusually high bids on, say, Chevy SUVs, are a signal to officers that more Chevy SUVs need to be confiscated via asset-forfeiture on grounds of suspicion. Auction bids thus generate price information to guide government employees’ actions, almost like an ethical standard of value.

Votes work the same way. As soon as one entrenched party begins to abscond with lots of government jobs, the other refuses to look at the small party the winning party is getting its ideas from. None of that. They third-hand imitate the second-hand ideas the first lot plagiarized from some small group of dedicated looter altruists.  This causes much shouting and gnashing of teeth among activists for the small party from which the imitating losers USUALLY get their ideas. The ideas boil down to either Stalinist communism or the sort of Christian National Socialism popular in Hitler’s Germany, nothing newer than these one-dimensional looter systems. But votes in elections do carry information–the same way prices transmit information about what consumers want.

In “our democracy” the Dems copy their planks from the communists at CPUSA.org, and the GO Pee prohibitionists copy their planks from… you guessed it! The Prohibition Party–oldest third party, third oldest party and its other imitators, the Tea and Constatoo-shun parties. All of these intellectual providers and spoiler vote threateners of “both” beast-of-burden parties think of men with guns as the obvious solution to every real or imagined problem. The Libertarian Party, on the other hand, actively seeks solutions that do not require the coercion of citizens by jackbooted minions with guns. When you vote libertarian, you are eliminating the middleman and transmitting your preferences directly. This places spoiler vote pressure on the entrenched party politicians so that they have to change their platforms–change the laws–or lose their government jobs. Farfetched? Make your own choice and change ten times the laws with your vote. See the platform in two languages at LP.org.

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