The Sincerest Flattery

So The Don’s poledancer babe copied verbatim the Kenyan’s old lady’s speech? Welcome to reality, where entrenched political machines try “whutevah woiks” in an effort to secure “jobs for the boys.”
The standard of value in machine politics–jobs for parasites–is like that gold standard of perfection food industry corporations seal in nitrogen and store at liquid nitrogen temperatures: snacks for teevee vidiots. Perfect snacks are what food factories preserve for periodic quality control testing, to tweak their production lines. We’re talking the cream-of-the-crop Superbowl-watching snacks representing absolute perfection. But those junk food snacks go straight in the trash and are replaced by the competition’s convenience store packages as soon as the competition tops your corporate sales. Buyers determine what is perfect, independent-minded voters determine what platforms and laws appeal to them. Political soft machines look at those votes, calculate the paychecks their boys could be getting, and decide that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

spoilervotes_LPThat’s competition. Junk food and junk politics work the same way. Neither entrenched party has any principles other than government jobs for its own unproductive hands (parasites, to biologists). Taxed voters want something for themselves, not more mooching politicians. Each entrenched looter party therefore operates pragmatically on an inductive feedback loop guided by spoiler votes, just as snack food companies scramble to produce whatever customers are rushing out to buy. Nowadays it’s freedom, thanks to the crash and depression created by asset-forfeiture prohibitionism under Republican rule. The connection between individual rights and a healthy economy is finally sinking in in a way it did not after November of 1932.

Spoiler means defeating. To the Democrats it meant CPUSA votes after 1968, National Socialist Envirobeiterpartei votes after 2000. To the GO Pee it means Libertarian Party votes as of 1972. The communist party was THE rising tide in 1860, when Red Republicanism sought to tax and spend our way out of the depression resulting from Britain’s Opium Wars. But today we know about mass starvation, murderous purges, fleeing refugees shot in cold blood, censorship and brainwashing never once mentioned in “A Traveler From Altruria” or “Looking Backward.” Now that the looter mystique is punctured, with adherents abandoning the wreck , a vote for the CPUSA is truly a wasted vote as the communists themselves admit. Today we seek the unknown ideal, something never tried: individual rights. I vote libertarian because that is the best and fastest way to change the laws and maximize freedom. Anything else is a wasted vote that will help to get us killed. Remember that in November…

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