Prohibition and police murders: 1912

Virginia Moonshiners kill Sheriff, Judge, Court Clerk, Prosecutor, Juror! shrieked the headlines… But it was not such an unprohikilling1912usual day back in February of 1912, when tax revenues were falling and Congress debated more Excise bills and taxes on corporations and partnerships. 

There were no hillbilly lives matter tweets back then, and anyone could buy rifles and pistols without a permit or forms to fill out. Just like today, violence in America only flared when tariffs or excise taxes became confiscatory, as in 1860, or government itself became violent in infringing individual rights, as in 1967. This episode is simply another case of politicians manipulating the churchly and gullible to line their political pockets with another “sin tax.” Never do these altruists spare a thought for the men with guns sent out to collect someone else’s money. People who send men with guns to coerce citizens are always the first to act surprised when the citizens respond in kind and act to free their kin from the clutches of kidnappers.

Refusal to learn from experience and the lessons of history is one of the many mechanisms that put evolution into high gear to correct the imbalance. Today citizens have the peaceful option of voting for the libertarian party platform through its candidates at all levels of local, state and national government.

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