Libertarian Party Deniers

ivomitedReligious fervor is what happens when confirmation bias mutates out of control to become the psychological equivalent of a brain tumor. The examples that come to mind are Hillary-haters and Trump-haters. Hillary haters are not dues-paying members of God’s Own Prohibitionist party, but converts through brainwashing. Members of entrenched looter parties care only about having their names printed on government checks. For this they need votes. To get votes they need voters to be fearful. To raise a crop of Hillary haters, teevee programs belch alarming prophecies that convert ordinary people into frenzied victims of tunnel-vision. The other entrenched party is  just as desperately shuttling money to venal presstitutes in efforts to produce Trump-haters. A haunting fear of “The Forgotten Man” produces nightmares in “both” parties of hatred.

There is no viable alternative to looter prophesying. No Republican candidate dares point to his party’s participation in creating a debt-ridden paranoid looter régime that kills to enforce prohibition and bullies women to attract voters. To shift attention away from past performance, urine-testing prohibitionist warmongers must redirect attention to a menacing future and magnify the faults of a fellow looter–in this case a frumpy white housewife. The trick is to focus vidiots’ attention on evil deeds they Know For A Fact she is plotting to unleash. The female candidate is planning to murder your grandchildren and confiscate your wealth–not through proper Republican asset forfeiture, but using the communist income tax and 14th Amendment the Republican party helped put into the Constitution. “She” is going to repeal an amendment protecting individual rights, they claim, knowing full well that the only Amendment ever repealed was the Prohibition Amendment making beer a felony–the very Amendment the Republican Party fought tooth and nail to preserve in 1932!

Comparing their platforms, both entrenched parties want young men to continue to incite violent retribution by killing religious fanatics on the other side of the planet. Both parties have cooperated since 1860 to bring us wars, legislated violence, conscription, men with guns shooting children–especially brown children–enforce sumptuary laws and collect ridiculously high taxes. Both seek to mistreat and deport foreigners for no good reason. The only real differences in their platforms are that the Democratic Party defends the individual rights of women under the 14th Amendment–the one that God’s Own Prohibitionists seek to rewrite to nullify reproductive rights.  The Republican platform rejects all carbon taxes and Kyoto agreements in favor of keeping electricity safe and legal.** Other than that it is a contest between mystical collectivism and lay collectivism, both of them parasitical and coercive. Any such contest must suppress the latent demand for freedom from coercion in order to succeed.

Both entrenched parties frighten voters into fearing the others’ victory, where by “victory” is meant that the only things that change are names on a large number of government paychecks. The violent prohibitionism, undeclared warfare, domestic surveillance, sumptuary repression and parasitical bureaucratic rule mandated by Congress all stay the same. The trick is to persuade voters that repeatedly renouncing individual rights in order to be subjected to these indignities is a victory–for the voters.

spoilervotes_LPSo both entrenched parties lie and insinuate that the spoiler votes of small parties have no impact on changes in legislation or changes in Supreme Court decisions. In reality, every major change in American laws and jurisprudence since 1840 has flowed directly from the platforms of the ProhibitionGreenback, Anti-monopoly, People’s and Communist/Green parties–NONE OF WHICH ever “won” an election in looter parlance, yet ALL OF WHICH changed the law of the land all the way up to amending the Constitution and changing Supreme Court decisions. Of course the voters lost many rights and multiplied their tax burden by 500% over the course of all this. But if third-party votes made no difference, why the enormous investment in political-subsidy bribery, documendacities, cover-ups and exclusion efforts? All looter parties know and (now) fear the paradigm-shifting nature of spoiler votes.

The Liberal Party of 1930 was the first pro-freedom party to push for repeal of a mystical constitutional Amendment–with its violence of law and transformation of a healthy economy into The Great Depression. The Libertarian Party of 1971 is the second, and every vote cast for a candidate defending the platform immediately exerts economic pressure on the two entrenched parties.

Libertarian spoiler votes are the political equivalent of what economists calleffective demand,” and they serve notice on the looters that coercing the public will soon remove them from office. Spending your vote to purchase freedom is the opposite of wasting a vote on encouraging looter collectivism. Every LP vote cast absolutely guarantees repeal of bad laws and cutting of taxes.

Yes I live by my wits as translator and interpreter. My other blog, Expatriotas, is mostly in Portuguese.

** I hadn’t seen the energy planks at the time, and updated this to reflect those.

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