Brazil’s new antiabortion dictator

foratemer0816Yes Dilma Roussef’s party likes taxes and populism–exactly like the other 32 looter parties voters are forced to support. But she signed a bill giving women access to DNA forensics and pregnancy prophylaxis. This brought a prohibitionist US Ambassador experienced in overthrowing young democracies rushing to Brazil during the runoffs, in which Dilma nevertheless handily defeated an antichoice male buddy of former CIA chief Bush.

After the shock waves from the US asset-forfeiture Crash spread across South America, things got rough. Staged demonstrations broke out with police looking the other way. Actors set fires and destroyed property while “golpista” mobs shrieked for the reelected president’s head on a pole. Nobody of any substance, especially not Moraes, did more than tsk-tsk the perps for excessive zeal and indignation at what–to them and their US-backed mentors and legislative advisors–was an obvious error on the part of the Great Unwashed.

Fora! Out! Raus! Andale!

Jailed Ex-Speaker enabling collaborationist VP

By contrast in the Olympic Games under the coup junta, anyone so much as wearing the wrong T-shirt is accosted, mugged and ejected with all available violence of law. The 75-year-old kleptocrat usurper cared not a whit for constitutional rights until the high court ruined the fun by ordering the goon squads to stand down and allow a modicum of freedom of expression.

The Senate, more than half of whom face charges, with many under indictment, now forms a star chamber to oust the old gal on the flimsiest of trumped-up charges with no basis whatsoever in intelligible language. The Speaker of the House, shown installing the usurper, was relieved of duties and is under indictment on felony charges that are easy to understand. To DemoGOP prohibitionists, this only shows what comes of primitive banana republics not knuckling under to benevolent foreign expectations. The CIA, FATF, AML, TF, CFT, DNFBP, IRS-CID, INL, ICRG, GIABA, GAFISUD, FSRB, FIU, FinCEN, EAG and their in-country “mentors” are willing to help overthrow governments until somebody “we” like can be elected.

But hey… don’t blame me–I pay dues and vote Libertarian!

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3 thoughts on “Brazil’s new antiabortion dictator

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  2. The fanatical televangelist empowering the male appointee-by-impeachment is currently in jail thinking up ways to explain away undeclared millions in Swiss bank accounts. The unelected former interim is watching the economy continue to collapse even though the lady president who signed protection for rape victims has been ousted by congressmen from 33 fascist, communist and prohibitionist looter parties. Maybe The Terminator can import a TARP program…


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