What Voting Republican Says

Trump is a Republican candidate and has to obey the GO-Prohibition platform.
assetlooting2007Rednecks picked the candidate but national socialists wrote the usual platform. If you vote Republican you are voting for asset forfeiture–armed robbery by police of cash and cash equivalents belonging to peaceful, innocent citizens. Republicans are itching take your home and leave you on the hook for the mortgage. Asset forfeiture confiscation in 2007-8 is how George Bush caused the Great Recession. When you vote Libertarian you are going on record with your ballot against police looters-by-law. Your LP vote also proves that the soft machine media cannot hypnotize you with fear.  The Bill of Rights will not suddenly disappear because antichoice fanatics again fail to get their boys on the government payroll.

When the Dems win (calculated at a cash gambling probability of 0.8), our spoiler votes give the LP.org added prestige as an unflappable bastion of integrity. Every Republican loss protects the economy from prohibitionist pretexts for grabbing people’s assets and bank accounts. Looting collapses the credit structure by frightening people into withdrawing their money from banks. This happened when Herbert Hoover was the Great Dry Hope. It happened again when Bush Junior let militarized police forces across the nation rob anyone carrying cash, then protected the robbers by mock trial from murders committed during those felonies.

God’s Own Prohibitionists are so sure to lose that it is pretty risk-free for conscientious individuals to vote Libertarian. In other words it is safe to vote for freedom rather than waste a vote on a nearly identical looter party. (Democrats enforce prohibitionism, asset forfeiture, high taxes, and the jailing and murdering of blacks and teenagers too). Listen to what the looter candidates are saying about each other now, and remember that when I vote Libertarian come November.


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