Republican Party Wall: 1923

Rake, roué, tippler, hepcat and bon-vivant Republican President Warren Gamaliel Harding addressed the people of Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver:

“Nationality continues to be a supreme factor in modern existence. Make no mistake about that. But the day of the Chinese wall, enclosing a hermit nation, has passed forever. (…) I stretch forth both my arms in fraternal greeting, with gratefulness for your splendid welcome in my heart, and from my lips the whispered prayer of our fame to Rip van Winkle: “May you all live long and prosper!” (Dawson Daily News, August 11, 1923 7)

This was the Republican Party not yet taken over by Prohibition Party infiltrators or ideologues, the Republican Party that refused to transfer American sovereignty to the crowned ruffians of Europe and so spurned the Treaty of Versailles. Nevertheless it was a meddlesome and imperial party high on taxes and tariffs, that would soon yield to the seductive allure of officious theocracy and involvement in Holy Wars and Jihads.


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