Small Party Changes Constitution

“Your candidate can’t possibly win!” yelp “both” parties to the looter Kleptocracy.

They then shift gears to claim your Libertarian vote davidpearsongearswill only elect “the other” prohibitionist totalitarian party. Sound familiar? But if the Libertarian vote is so insignificant and irrelevant, why are they so worked up about it?

In 1872 two corrupt soft machines competed for government jobs with appointees paying salary kickbacks to the parties. The Spoils System experienced increasing problems after the Panic of 1873, just as today’s Kleptocracy is faltering in the train of the Asset Forfeiture Crash of 2007.

OBSERVE that the only thing that matters to the looters is who is getting elected. Unlike some of their excited followers, they are not at all concerned what kind of laws those politicians are going to vote for. The invisible hand in the till is what counts. By using the sprocket of spoiler votes to slam the cash drawer shut on those probing fingers, a third party can exercise a leveraged influence on what kinds of laws looter party candidates are able to pass. If that leverage weren’t there, they wouldn’t care. So how do we measure that leverage? What is the gear ratio?

How many votes did it take a small party to WIN what its voters wanted by changing the US Constitution? Al Smith would say “let’s look at the record.” Here is the percentage of Prohibition Party votes it took to change the Constitution of the United States to make beer a federal felony. The vertical axis is their percentage of the popular vote.

prohivoteamendsThe average Prohibition Party vote share was 1.4% of the popular vote. The huge jump in 1880 occurred because the likes of Morgan, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt began donating money to dry organizations.**

Only thrice did the Prohibition Party earn over 2% of the popular vote, and it never obtained a single electoral vote. Yet its cohesive supporters did not rest until the Constitution was amended and the Amendment enforced by law making it a felony crime with permanent loss of individual rights to make, move or sell a gallon of water into which a single can of beer had been poured. This was accomplished with just over two million presidential race votes. The gear ratio, based on the supposition that success requires some 50%, is 36 to 1. Your Libertarian party vote repeals bad laws with 36 times the clout of votes wasted on the Kleptocracy.

History has begun to unravel. One wealthy individual just made a large donation to the most visible Libertarian candidate’s committee, just as other well-informed tycoons backed the prohis in 1880. They did this after a lengthy recession and preoccupation with the growth of socialism sounded the alarm.  Today the depression brought on by Republican asset forfeiture looting–the same outgrowth of prohibition that toppled that party for decades beginning 1932–requires that America stop criminalizing other people’s harmless enjoyment or go the way of the Whigs, Kings, Czars and Soviet. Already These States are repealing prohibition laws and outlawing asset forfeiture looting, just as in 1933. Libertarians averaged 3% in the Texas Senate race of 2014, and nationally have amassed 3,8 million presidential race votes since 1972. Why not give your vote 36 times the law-changing clout this election?

** The sharp falloff in votes at 1896 was probably a reaction to Theodore Roosevelt’s Sunday closing of saloons and other venues of entertainment as NY Police Commissioner in 1895. 

If this interpretation of historical facts was easy to understand, why not ask me for a bid on translating laws or financial regulations from Portuguese or Spanish into English?

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