Many words and many lies


prohibitionfailedThe American Declaration of Independence took 1400 words.
The Libertarian Party platform for 2016 contains 2700 words.
The entire US Constitution, signatures, amendments and all, runs into 7590 words.

Today’s Republican party platform consumes nearly 36000 words spread over 50 pages soaked in paranoia and hatred.

The Democratic party platform prints out nearly 27000 words on 51 pages, likewise paranoid, greedy and meddlesome. Both parties are Hell-bent on meddling with deadly force in the internal affairs of sovereignties on the other side of the planet, and with similar force in the peaceful and private affairs of individuals within US borders.

Luckily for us, all 101 pages are lies, distortions and misrepresentation intended solely to secure government paychecks and handouts for party members as described in “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.” The only promises either gang has ever kept are those that involve taking money from the public and sending men with guns to kick in people’s doors.

When economic collapse results, the disaster is blamed on overspeculation (1929), fear of Democrats (1932), tax hike and trade deficit (1987) subprime mortgage-rate swaps (2007). In fact, every one of those crashes and recessions was triggered by using tax and asset forfeiture laws to enforce prohibition laws.

Remember Terry Druggan and Al Capone? State bankers do, and that is why States are lining up to repeal the prohibition on hemp. Marijuana was known to be harmless in 1998, but it took the Crash and Depression of 2007-12 to recall the lessons of prohibition and begin the scramble for repeal and libertarian policies.

A vote given to either soft machine is a mandate to increase their power to rob us all and murder innocents abroad. But there is a way to gradually decrease their power and reverse the trend put in motion by the Communist Manifesto and Prohibition Party platform.

Vote for Libertarian Party candidates and YOU win, regardless of which nearly identical looter party gets the most jobs. The more spoiler votes Libertarian candidates earn, the quicker those machine politicians will hustle to repeal idiotic laws and cut taxes and spending.

Spoiler votes from small but persistent and committed parties were the source of the 13th, 14th, 16th, 18th and 21st Amendments to the Constitution. Those voters got what they wanted by changing the laws and jurisprudence without a thought for how many politicians would have to be tarred-and-feathered to achieve it.

Every Libertarian spoiler vote is worth 36 looter party votes. THAT is winning! Everything else is losing. This is your chance to win through integrity!

Next time you need an interpreter to untangle political and financial Newspeak into plain economic horse-sense, remember this post.

4 thoughts on “Many words and many lies

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