The 25% v: Social Pressure

This is a simple, multiple-choice question

Scientific American NOV 1955

The Solomon Asch Experiment proved with the finality of a physics lab that 3/4 of educated Americans will lie about the length of a line just to go along with a crowd. That makes them easy prey for Republicans, Democrats and other coercive demagogues. This measured aspect of ordinary human nature makes it all the more crucial that those able to reason by reality exercise integrity and judgment in voting and discussing platform planks. Only one in four individuals is resistant to the influence of social pressure in overriding objective individual judgment. 

The experiment asked an individual to say which of three lines matched an original line off to the side. With no prompting, booing or hissing, three out of four ordinary college students lied rather than tell the truth to make their answer like everyone else’s. Two out of three do this consistently on average.  The same experiment also proved that a lone dissenter was enough to improve objectivity of choice by a solid 25% (p. 6).

Every time I vote libertarian I am mathematically certain that I am changing bad laws 6 to 36 (or 10,000 as in 1972) times as effectively as the same-old-kleptocracy alternative. When others puzzle at my bumper sticker or see my previous LP votes recorded in history, they will shed 75% of the cowardice that keeps them from passing independent judgment.

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“Subjects conformed to group pressure only one-fourth as often
in the presence of a supporting partner.” Remember that on election day!

This spoiler vote effect is a win-win situation for me, just as opposing the libertarian platform planks is a lose-lose proposition for prohibitionist kleptocracy candidates. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (just one among the hundreds of LP candidates running in this election) is now polling HIGHER than the entire US Congress!

The Prohibition Party sets the agenda for the GOP, and the Communist Party USA sets the agenda for the Democratic Party. Visit their websites and see. There is but one nonviolent way to counteract their social pressure guiding application of the force of law as deadly coercion. That option is to support the political party that defends individual rights rather than drink the cyanide Kool-Aid altruism pushed by stale ideologies of Left and Right. Are these the people you want making decisions about government use of force on YOU?

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If this helped you understand how bad policy decisions are made, remember that next time you need a translator.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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