Faraway Targets



Irish bookies are betting 2.2 to 1 the Republican Party loses this election, as it has lost all other elections since the Bush Asset-Forfeiture Crash and Depression. This is one of the two parties that bombed civilians in places like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, including Aleppo.

The Libertarian Party is proud to our support for peace and non-aggression, and we do not hang stuffed trophy heads of Semitic or Asian victims on the walls or carve celebratory notches into weapons. The USA was not a Christian National Socialist nation until the Eisenhower-Nixon Administration and Congress violated the First Amendment to mystify our currency, postal monopoly stamps, the Bellamy Pledge of Allegiance and government buildings, imitating the example set by Germany’s Third Reich.

This reversed 1797 treaty assurances given to Mohammedan nations that the US was NOT a religious State. That transformation also frightened the Soviet communist religious dictatorship (yes, communism is a religion) with the notion that Christian National Socialism had again taken over These States as during the Herbert Hoover Administration, which subsidized the rise of the NSDAP in Germany through the Moratorium on war debts and reparations in 1931.

Today we see daily reminders that that religious dictatorships on the other side of the planet, much like what is proposed in the GOP platform despite Supreme Court rulings and the urgings of nonfanatical clergy and lay associations, are museums of medieval superstition, torture, assassination, genocide, prohibitionism, financial collapse and war.

We want no part of the Crusades versus Jihad mentality that motivates God’s Own Prohibitionists and the Islamic State alike, and we are happy to recommend innocuous desuetude and avoid all entanglements there.

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Gary and Willie, Terry and Frankie

druggan-lake_balladThe New Galahad, by HL Mencken, 1924

My agents in attendance upon the so-called moving pictures tell me that persons who frequent such shows begin to tire of Western films … It can’t be that movie censorship is to blame, for the same thing is visible in the field of belles lettres…. What is needed, obviously, is a new hero for the infantry of the land, for if one is not quickly supplied there is some danger that the boys will begin admiring Y.M.C.A. secretaries, crooked members of the Cabinet and lecturers on sex hygiene. In this emergency I nominate the bootlegger not, of course, the abject scoundrel who peddles bogus Scotch in clubs and office buildings, but the dashing, romantic, defiant fellow who brings the stuff up from Bimini. He is the true heir, not only of the old-time Indian fighters and train-robbers, but also of the tough and barnacled deep-water sailors, now no more. He faces the perils of the high seas in a puny shallop, and navigates the worst coast in the world in contempt of the wind and storm. Think of him lying out there on wild nights in winter, with the waves piling mountain-high and the gale standing his crazy little craft on her beam! Think of him creeping in in his motorboat on Christmas Eve, risking his life that the greatest of Christian festivals may be celebrated in a Christian and respectable manner! Think of him soaked and freezing, facing his exile and its hardships uncomplainingly, saving his money that his old mother may escape the poor-farm, that his wife may have her operation for gall-stones, that his little children may be decently fed and clad, and go to school regularly, and learn the principles of Americanism!

This brave lad is not only the heir of Jesse James and Ned Buntline; he is also the heir of John Hancock and all of the other heroes who throttled the accursed Hun in 1776. All the most gallant among them were smugglers, and in their fragile craft they brought in not only rum but also liberty. The Revolution was not only against the person of the Potsdam tyrant, George III; it was also, and especially, against harsh and intolerable laws the worst of them the abhorrent Stamp Act. But was the Stamp Act worse than Prohibition? I leave it to any fair man. Prohibition, in fact, is a hundred times as foul, false, oppressive and tyrannical. If the Stamp Act was worth a Revolution, then Prohibition is worth a massacre and an earthquake. Well it has already bred its Hancocks, and soon or late, no doubt, it will breed its Molly Pitchers, Paul Reveres and Mad Anthony Waynes. Liberty, driven from the land by the Methodist White Terror, has been given a refuge by the hardy boys of the Rum Fleet. In their bleak and lonely exile they cherish her and keep her alive. Some day, let us hope, they will storm the coast, slit the gullets of her enemies, and restore her to her dominion. The lubbers of the land have limber necks; their blood runs pale and yellow. But on the roaring deep there are still men who are colossally he, and when the bugle calls they will not fail.

Here are the heroes gallant, lawless, picturesque, adventurous, noble. Let the youth of the land be taught to venerate them. They make the cowboys who linger in the movies look like puny Christian Endeavorers; they are the only Olympians left in a decayed and flabby land, or in the seas that hedge it ’round. Who will be the first poet to sing them?

With apologies to Terence Druggan and Frankie Lake, whose March, 1928 indictments by income tax looters caused a major stock market flash crash. Follow their exploits in the Chicago Tribune online.

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Income tax depression 1893-98

bankfailures18641914Republican Senator Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont was the same congressman who wrote the protective tariff act passed in May of 1860–five months before Abraham Lincoln was elected. To States that had nullified the “Tariff of Abominations” in 1828, the Morrill tariff was casus belli for secession and Civil War.

Fast-forward 33 years into the major monetary crisis caused by excessive coinage of silver. In 1892, fully 8.5% of the popular vote went Populist, and elected 3 congressmen who were in effect communists. Elder statesman Morrill, surrounded by economic collapse tried in 1893-4 to stave off the advancing “British income tax” phalanx while repealing the accursed Silver Purchase Act and assuaging Chinese fears of mass deportation. Yellow fever at the Panama Canal works had France in a panic; Italy was shaken by stock fraud, and an armed revolt, complete with naval warship shellings, rocked Brazil. Morrill first warned against the income tax–passed in England to make up for insufficiency of revenue under “free trade”–as an example of “desperate schemes of taxation, which here under a republican form of government are odious and endurable only in an overmastering exigency of a great national war.” But President Cleveland had in 1888 shocked global mixed economies by mentioning the “communism of combined wealth and capital… which insidiously undermines the justice and integrity of free institutions.” Populist tax advocates snarled.

Morrill snarled back at the revenue-only tariff and pointed out that in warlike Europe, following the French Terror:

“Pitt introduced the British income tax during the Napoleonic war. After the peace it was repealed on the ground that it ought to be exclusively reserved for times of war; and when re-imposed in 1842 it was promised that it should be only temporary.”**

He made apologies for the 1862 Civil War income tax, but called it “the most of obnoxious of all the war taxes.” Morrill pointed out that of the $347 million it raised, only $11 million were collected in the Confederate States. This, of course, only amplified Southern appreciation of an income tax they themselves had never felt.

Morrill remarked

 “The income tax bill will first levy 2% on all dividends of railroads, and second will levy the same amount of tax upon their indebtedness, that is, upon the interest due to be paid on their mortgage bonds. (…) The income tax bill, by its proposed seizure of so many important objects of taxation upon which the several state governments have hitherto been largely dependent for a considerable part, in some states for the whole of their annual support, will prove a serious invasion of the sources upon which they now largely base their taxation. Nearly every state imposes a tax upon the real estate and personal property of its citizens, especially upon their stock in railroads and banks, mills and factories, and their coal, iron, copper, gold, and silver mines, their stone, slate and marble companies, their debts and bonds due and collectible. All these sources and all corporations which yield dividends or interest are now to be squeezed and stripped first by the national government, and then be subjected to a second stripping by the states.”

By his analysis,

“The small fish are to be caught in an income net from which the big fish can leap out. The widow’s mite as well as the sole income of the orphan is to be diminished by the government of 66 million people heretofore claimed to be the most prosperous of the world.”

Alas, the President in 1894 allowed the communist income tax to become law without his signature rather than invite the “communism of pelf” likely to result from a protective tariff. Nowadays we call all such things a “mixed economy,” shaken, not stirred.

The depression worsened, and the Supreme court was in desperation summoned to toss it out despite its mesmerizing influence on ignorant voters. The lesson in all of this for thoughtful libertarians is that “free trade” was Morrill’s epithet for a “revenue-only tariff.” No problems existed then that could not have been resolved by cutting spending, letting unproductive hands shift for themselves, and–in the case of England–forbearing from attacking China or Egypt. The individual income tax brings predatory and collectivized government coercion to bear on that smallest of all minorities–the human being.

To wean governments of the communist income tax it would perhaps be best to recognize that the revenue tariff is the familiar equivalent of a toll or user fee. A tariff makes possible Coast Guard inspection and quarantine of berserker terrorists plus naval exclusion of hostile nuclear and biological weapons. There ain’t no such thing as a free trade.  The exclusion of coercion from the marketplace is its necessary logical antecedent, and, like energy, involves a cost.

The tariff is a handy fallback position for repeal of income taxes until a less coercive solution can be fashioned. What history has taught us is that importing income taxes out of The Terror, the Opium Wars and The Communist Manifesto has not been a happy or noble experiment. It has led to panics, crashes and depressions, all of them harbingers of the ruin of nations caused by the visible and unproductive hands Adam Smith warned us against in 1776.

** The reader will carefully note the value of promises made by looter politicians, and kindly remember that in November. 

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Reversing Socialism

1892_electoral_mapReligious prohibitionist President Benjamin Harrison was defeated November 8 of 1892. Prohibition Party candidates claimed an astounding 2.2% of the popular vote, and three (03) “People’s Party” socialists were elected to Congress with 8.5% of the vote. By Inauguration Day the Panic of 1893 already gripped the land. Banks failed everywhere and businesses went bankrupt. Why?

Barely a year later economic collapse was complete and a tariff bill incorporating an income tax was argued before the Senate. This is what 8.5% of the popular vote and three looter politicians can accomplish against a background of increasing agitation for the ideal of a socialized workers’ paradise in America. This agitation which had begun with the 1850 publication of the Communist Manifesto in English, by June of 1892 had grafted the income tax plank onto the People’s Party platform.

The day Cleveland turned the tables on his Republican prohibitionist adversary, French communist Émile Henry planted a bomb, killing 5, and the penultimate installment of A Traveler from Altruria appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Before the Soviet revolution and Germany’s Christian National Socialist movement revealed the genocidal features of socialism, especially in its communo-fascist variants, all manner of idealists young and old were fascinated by the promise of utopias to come–if only taxation and coercion were to replace the voluntary exchange of goods and services through the use of money. Socialists and conservatives shouting at each other were daily fare in the German Reichstag in 1893.

Yes prohibitionism and racial collectivism were everywhere afoot. A humiliating 1882 Chinese Exclusion law had just been renewed, frightening immigrants and irritating Chinese corporations. Though opium was legal, the opium tariff (10% of all customs revenue) was high enough to encourage smuggling through British Canada in customs-sealed railroad cars. Dry lame duck President Harrison in February 1893, a month before Inauguration Day, tinkered with regulations so as to put a stop to railcar opium smuggling. Newspapers suddenly bristled with stories of  opium evils. Economic problems in the Pacific Northwest followed immediately. Tong war gunfire announced an opium famine among Highbinders in Chinatowns nationwide within two weeks.

Neither the Democratic nor the Republican platform called for an income tax, but William Jennings Bryan and Benton McMillin leapt onto the Populist bandwagon headed for Altruria, agitating shrilly for an income tax in the spring of 1893. The depression deepened as more and more Democrats in Congress backed that particular tax. That 9% vote packed the law-changing clout of a better than 51% mandate. It’s as though each People’s Party platform spoiler vote were worth six votes squandered on kleptocracy candidates. That’s leverage!

The grinning mask of socialism has since fallen away to reveal a death’s-head. Its empires of torture collapsed in 1991 and fugitive victims are everywhere bearing witness to a legacy of murder and slavery shameful even by the standards of metropolis-colony Mercantilism. Nobody wants to move to Cuba, Venezuela, China or North Korea. Nobody reads Howell, Bellamy, Marx or London, but rather Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, Milton Friedman and Neil Stephenson. Today it is the mask of mixed-economy mercantilism that is slipping. The violence of mystical prohibitionism and Kleptocracy now cringes in anticipation of a hitherto unknown and never-experienced ideal of libertarian choice in government.

The message from our historical past is that 8.5% of the popular vote and 3 new congressmen did indeed produce huge changes in American politics. When the changes favored looting, as in 1892 and 2004, the results were disastrous. But whenever change favors political and economic freedom, the results are enviable. Remember that one spoiler vote is worth 6 to 36 regular votes (mean value =21) when it comes to repealing bad laws and reducing taxes.

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Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle

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Many words and many lies


prohibitionfailedThe American Declaration of Independence took 1400 words.
The Libertarian Party platform for 2016 contains 2700 words.
The entire US Constitution, signatures, amendments and all, runs into 7590 words.

Today’s Republican party platform consumes nearly 36000 words spread over 50 pages soaked in paranoia and hatred.

The Democratic party platform prints out nearly 27000 words on 51 pages, likewise paranoid, greedy and meddlesome. Both parties are Hell-bent on meddling with deadly force in the internal affairs of sovereignties on the other side of the planet, and with similar force in the peaceful and private affairs of individuals within US borders.

Luckily for us, all 101 pages are lies, distortions and misrepresentation intended solely to secure government paychecks and handouts for party members as described in “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.” The only promises either gang has ever kept are those that involve taking money from the public and sending men with guns to kick in people’s doors.

When economic collapse results, the disaster is blamed on overspeculation (1929), fear of Democrats (1932), tax hike and trade deficit (1987) subprime mortgage-rate swaps (2007). In fact, every one of those crashes and recessions was triggered by using tax and asset forfeiture laws to enforce prohibition laws.

Remember Terry Druggan and Al Capone? State bankers do, and that is why States are lining up to repeal the prohibition on hemp. Marijuana was known to be harmless in 1998, but it took the Crash and Depression of 2007-12 to recall the lessons of prohibition and begin the scramble for repeal and libertarian policies.

A vote given to either soft machine is a mandate to increase their power to rob us all and murder innocents abroad. But there is a way to gradually decrease their power and reverse the trend put in motion by the Communist Manifesto and Prohibition Party platform.

Vote for Libertarian Party candidates and YOU win, regardless of which nearly identical looter party gets the most jobs. The more spoiler votes Libertarian candidates earn, the quicker those machine politicians will hustle to repeal idiotic laws and cut taxes and spending.

Spoiler votes from small but persistent and committed parties were the source of the 13th, 14th, 16th, 18th and 21st Amendments to the Constitution. Those voters got what they wanted by changing the laws and jurisprudence without a thought for how many politicians would have to be tarred-and-feathered to achieve it.

Every Libertarian spoiler vote is worth 36 looter party votes. THAT is winning! Everything else is losing. This is your chance to win through integrity!

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