Herbert Hooverville Economics, 2007

In God We Trust--Our Brothers' Keepers

Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover, 1960

The Republicans lost the presidential election even before 2007 by ramping up the faith-based asset-forfeiture looting “intended” to enforce prohibition laws creating victimless crimes. Herbert Hoover enforced nearly identical laws using policies and Executive Orders with exactly the same intentions and exactly the same results.

After Hoover’s GOP destroyed the nation’s equity and shut down every bank before FDR’s Inauguration Day, two decades would pass before religious hatemongers got another chance to crush the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 9th Amendments through the coercive enactment of superstitious nonsense.
But enact they did once the Prohibition-Republican coalition again gained the bully pulpit. The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written by Christian National Socialist Francis Bellamy back when the Populist Party was getting nearly 9% of the vote. Francis, a preacher, was brother to Edward Bellamy, whose recasting of communist theology into such novels as Looking Backward (full text) and Equality (full text) re-exported looter dogma back to Europe in American packaging, with Christian homilies added. The original godless Pledge of Allegiance was written before income tax laws imported from the communist manifesto stuck and clung in America. To Bellamy’s pledge, Republicans added “under God” the way Nationalsocialists minted “Gott Mitt Uns” onto their coins and belt buckles.

Equality (the book) is seldom mentionedespecially in conservative circles–for with its clerical trappings it later served handily as support for the National Socialist Workers Party platform just as A Traveler From Altruria (full text) promoted socialism during the Panic of 1893–and even provided a sociological foundation  for  Soviet Socialism. Eisenhower, the Germanic General to whom Germany had surrendered, was unwittingly the entering wedge for a resurgence of precisely the sort of shotgun marriage of faith to the forcible restraint of men that had produced the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Empire, Nationalsocialist Germany, and finally the Military-Industrial Complex dictating all that Americans may eat, drink, think and do.

McCarthyism and the John Birch Society politically revived Nixon, whose Moral Majority made slaughter and imprisonment the icons in America they’d previously been in Germany until May, 1945, and whose revival of prohibitionism guaranteed a repeat of the Hoovervilles depression of the 1930s. The Liberal Party repeal platform of 1930 was adopted by the Democratic Party to escape defeat by spoiler votes and end the depression. This chain of events is repeating itself today.


Repeal the Depression Party, 1933

Many State governors such as Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have understood since 1929 that prohibitionist looting by unproductive hands ruins a nation’s economy. Hence the current wave of libertarian-enabled repeal campaigns in the several States in the wake of the George Bush asset-forfeiture Crash and Depression.

Both entrenched parties cling to prohibitionism and asset-forfeiture looting, and will until your vote tells them to change by making them lose–even if to each other–for being less libertarian.

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