Politics as She Is

socialism21jun1901 Bridgeport Herald

Socialism, flowering in Germany, 13 yrs before WWI

Socialism as preached in the 1890s was supposed to bring utopia. Instead, beginning in 1919 it brought Communist dictatorships, mass starvation and the return of slavery. As of 1933 it added extermination of non-Christians of Semitic extraction, more mechanized industrial warfare, and finally hydrogen bomb brinkmanship. In every case, there came collapse into poverty to rival America’s Hoovervilles of the 1930s. Even today the phenomenon can be seen in Venezuela, North Korea, and pockets of Africa.

From the darkest hour of the struggle between Christian National Socialism and Collectivist International Socialism there emerged a third political party dedicated to the restoration of individual rights through the abandonment of physical aggression. It was a new dawn! For 45 years now the Libertarian party has struggled to repeal Nixon’s political subsidies–subsidies that purchase ballots for the Kleptocracy of naked aggression. The Kleptocracy makes young men into agents of murder and sacrifices the individual rights of women on the altar of anti-rational teratogeny.  In 1892 its philosophical schism was represented in literature by the Accumulation and tenements swarming with dreamers of an imaginary Altruria.

The Kleptocracy competes for votes against a libertarian party that appeals to freedom, reason and voluntary cooperation–appeals first put into words by a woman (during the Nuremberg trials and executions of Christian Socialists) and represented by an incoercible Porcupine (NOT chattel of burden). Yet the Kleptocracy is slowly giving up ground. It has to have its judges, governors and state legislatures strike down bad laws or lose salaried positions financed by money ripped away from the productive. Small wonder “both” parties are upset!

So what does the Kleptocracy want? Neither half of it ever mentions the word freedom (except to mean coercion). What unproductive hands want, as in Adam Smith’s day, is to be paid someone else’s money for doing practically nothing. Their ranks are crawling with idle job-seekers and financed by parasites angling to trip up a competitor. George Washington Plunkitt said it plainly:

“Take me, for instance. When Low came in, some of my men lost public jobs, but I fixed them all right. I don’t know how many jobs I got for them on the surface and elevated railroads–several hundred.
“I placed a lot more on public works done by contractors, and no Tammany man goes hungry in my district. Plunkitt’s O.K. on an application for a job is never turned down, for they all know that Plunkitt and Tammany don’t stay out long. See!
“Let me tell you, too, that I got jobs from Republicans in office–Federal and otherwise. When Tammany’s on top I do good turns for the Republicans. When they’re on top they don’t forget me.
“Me and the Republicans are enemies just one day in the year–election day. Then we fight tooth and nail The rest of the time it’s live and let live with us.”

But live and let live is a Libertarian Party motto. Only Libertarian Party candidates agree to act and produce the quiet, confident votes cast against the initiation of force–even surrounded by a choppy sea of angry looters. But that lone voice, as demonstrated by the Solomon Asch experiment, suffices to increase honesty, bolster independent judgment and act as a gumption barrier protecting individual honesty from social pressure exerted by the false dichotomy manufactured by the Kleptocracy.

If you can’t register in time to vote, why not make a donation to your Friendly, Neighborhood Libertarian Party? The National LP.org accepts donations online. Your contribution will be worth 30 times as much as if cast for either gang in the Kleptocracy.


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