Meta-Persuasion Reality Control

2partysystemDilbert artist Scott Adams is excited about Huxleyan hypnosis as applied to politics, yet misses the most important fact in the whole political scene. The oversight is typical of nihilistic rejection of conceptual thinking:

I don’t believe reality is something the human brain can understand.

Any useful textbook, chemistry, physics, math… contains a definition of chemistry, physics, math… But a government textbook gets right down to nonsense with no objective definition of force, freedom, coercion or law. Nowhere do you find that government is a monopoly on the use of coercive and deadly force, much less a general statement of what such a monopoly is good for. But in the special terms of special interests (e.g. entrenched political parties and their hidden persuaders) government is a source of their government jobs and loot at your expense. Small wonder they value “persuasion” (intimidation) and not clarity or definitions.

To political job-seekers (parasites), the purpose is to provide them (politicians, bureaucrats and hired muscle) with rent and raiment, pelf and perks taken by force from you. The meta-persuasive presdigitation is to get voters (the parasites’ hosts) to accept this view that we’re all in this together. What matters to them is which particular parasites get to wield the deadly force. Why that force is initiated is deemed too trivial to be worth mentioning, but boils down to prophesies of horrible things sure to result from freedom were it permitted to exist. Here’s a summary from Adams:

Keep in mind that most voters are handcuffed to their party’s candidate. That guarantees that most elections will be close, no matter who runs. The winner is the candidate who can move perhaps 5% of voters from column A to B. And the Master Persuader had a year-long election cycle and total media exposure to get that minor task accomplished.

The premises couldn’t be clearer:
1. There are mostly two parties.
2. Only politicians can win, so voters must necessarily lose and like it.
This is Stockholm Syndrome persuasion-by-hijacking. The passengers (taxed voters) revere the terrorists precisely because that gang uses death threats to control them and the emergency exits don’t work. It never occurs to Adams or any other entertainer that the function of government is to secure the rights of individuals–their moral claims to freedom of action.

But that same conceptual trap can actually free you because context has changed. For the past 45 years there have been mostly two parties. The Libertarian Party defends freedom through individual rights, hence rejects the initiation of harmful, coercive, deadly force. The Kleptocracy is an agglomeration of looters fragmented into Republican, Democrat, Nationalsocialist, Prohibitionist and Communist. Why? Because the dishonest cannot trust each other, and small faction platform planks leverage spoiler votes to affect election outcomes. Looters also have good reason to fear each other because the initiation of harmful, coercive, deadly force is precisely what they are all about–what all parasites are all about.

The Democrats won in 1932 because they copied the Liberal Party plank to repeal the Constitutional Amendment that made light beer a felony.  The Democrats lost in 2016 because they ignored the LP and offered to continue to use the law to rob, jail and shoot children for plants that were legal in 1932–just like the Republicans.  Unlike the Republicans, they promised to also rob and coerce parents to subsidize totalitarian China through energy strangulation–sacrifice to the mystical pseudoscience of Misanthropic Global Warming. They were led into this error by copying econazi planks. Why? Because Green party spoiler votes cost them government jobs and loot in the Y2k election.  Spoiler votes can work either way: they can either strengthen coercion or enhance freedom.

Libertarian Spoiler votes are the rudder that guides government toward greater freedom (meaning less coercion). Toward greater freedom also means toward greater wealth. Such a rudder existed briefly in 1930-32, and the Liberal Party steered the economy away from communism, the dole and prohibition and toward recovery. For the past 45 years the Kleptocracy has struggled to defeat its heirs, assigns and successors, thereby causing crashes, depressions, unemployment and war.

If you were able to follow this line of reasoning, you will probably have no trouble following my simultaneous interpreting. Coming soon to a courtroom or conference near you.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Econazis kill Democratic Party

Green Planks Strangle Dems

Newspaper from the anti-libertarian state of Washington where LP still got 5% —thrice the Green vote total

Jill Stein’s ecological nationalsocialists really are responsible for the democrats’ utter rout, but not because of 2016 spoiler votes. The Greens used up their entire platform–both barrels–pushing carbon penalty transfer payments from mixed economies to Red China instead of defending individual rights by legalizing marijuana.

The Dems gulped down the Y2k Green platform… 

data fraud

Thanks Rudy Heller,

Soon Democrats in high places got NASA and the Global Historical Climatology Network to alter all tamper-susceptible data and depict the past as cooler and the present, hotter–error bars be damned. Genuine scientists familiar with math and physics proceeded to expose the fraud using historical records and the disconnect between satellite and tampered data. Unfortunately for the Dems, Hell hath no fury like a voter duped by smarmy looters the likes of Sturmbannfuehrer Gavin Schmidt.

Voters had to choose between helping the Dems defraud the scientific method in support of collectivist totalitarianism or supporting rights already assured women under the 14th Amendment, Supreme Court jurisprudence and the Libertarian platform. So voters chose to endorse coathanger abortions, nationalsocialist xenophobia and superstitious witch-burning, why? Because the Dems were absolutely determined to continue to weaken Second Amendment gun rights and usher in cradle-to-early-grave East-German coercive economic planning.

The Democratic platform on abortion was just fine as a public health measure to sane people okay with vaccinations. But the faith-based fanatics G. Waffen Bush put to suckling government handouts with Executive Order 13199 of January 29, 2001, aren’t sane. Throwing women’s rights under the bus guaranteed their fanatical support in the GOP Crusade against Kristallnacht gun-grabbing and econazi industrial obstructionism–the only things Republicans got right. If the Dems hadn’t demanded those violations of individual rights, they would have instilled no fear in the voting public. A Legalize-it plank instead would have gotten them elected.

Dems in their platform agreed with the Republicans to let militarized police keep seizing assets and shooting teenagers over enjoyable shrubbery, and to bomb civilians a planet-diameter away from American Samoa. To teevee-watching voters, the choice was between christianofascist totalitarian looters and communist totalitarian looters. The Democratic party lost for being greedy communist dupes every bit as dishonest and incompetent as the Republicans. The same choice was offered in Germany in 1933 and 1937.

Back then, after the Bert Hoover asset-forfeiture Depression, American voters repudiated God’s Own Prohibitionists and elected Democrats five consecutive elections.

My membership, donations and proud support went to the Libertarian Party. Here are the state-by-state totals showing where our spoiler votes covered the spread between the two Kleptocracy factions. (Google spreadsheet)

The Libertarian Party’s law-changing spoiler vote share is up 323%! That’s as many votes as the State of Virginia. Our integrity won us that and Democratic Party duplicity and parasitism got them what they deserve. Voter cowardice and gullibility meanwhile saddled us all with crony mercantilist thugs.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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The Visible Hand

The visible hand is the one that’s invisible to Socialist congregants… it holds a deadly weapon. 


Adam Smith’s formulation of the forgotten, unproductive and withering hand of parasitism

Every socialist, communist and miscellaneous looter is fond of reciting Smith’s mention of the visible “invisible hand” of freedom, for it gives the impression of mystical superstition and life-after-death as the basis for valuing freedom as opposed to coercion. When was the last time you saw THIS tidbit of Adam Smith’s writings?

But if we consider the matter more closely, we shall find that this interested diligence of the clergy is what every wise legislator will study to prevent; because, in every religion except the true, it is highly pernicious, and it has even a natural tendency to pervert the truth, by infusing into it a strong mixture of superstition, folly, and delusion. Each ghostly practitioner, in order to render himself more precious and sacred in the eyes of his retainers, will inspire them with the most violent abhorrence of all other sects, and continually endeavour, by some novelty, to excite the languid devotion of his audience.

William Graham Sumner’s original formulation of The Forgotten Man included a cast of four characters: A and B, who put their heads together to decide what C shall be forced to do for D. “C” is the Forgotten Man, the robbery victim, the slave. The Forgotten Hand is an appendage of which of these characters?

The Forgotten Hand, the one holding the gun, belongs to B–the man A sends to rob C in order to pay the both of them for pretending to be doing something benevolent for D. “B” is a gang of government agents, paid to believe that whatever “A” decides is good enough to kill for, nothing more. “A” is the real culprit. “A” is the Congress that assures the crowd that freedom is selfish, that only the terrified, fearing for their lives, can be generous (or else!).

“A” is also the voter who elected to send men with guns out to take someone else’s money by force. Why? So that A and B can preen and strut as beacons of selfless nobility and disinterested altruism. In the Republican version “A” is the Congress, “B” is the IRS and DEA, CIA, FATF, AML, TF, CFT, DNFBP, IRS-CID, INL, ICRG, GIABA, GAFISUD, FSRB, FIU, FinCEN, EAG. In the Democratic Party version, “B” is the IRS and FDA, HEW and an alphabet soup of other, equally unproductive parasites.

These are the armed and infatuated ruffians who arrogate the power to destroy wealth in furtherance of some scheme of  expropriation. A “protective” tariff, such as caused the Rebellion of 1776, the Nullification Crisis, then the Civil War, is promptly countered by speculation in smuggling. Smith described the economic results of an entrenched kleptocracy’s resort to asset forfeiture:

By the ruin of the smuggler, his capital, which had before been employed in maintaining productive labour, is absorbed either in the revenue of the state, or in that of the revenue officer; and is employed in maintaining unproductive, to the diminution of the general capital of the society, and of the useful industry which it might otherwise have maintained.

The domino effect of confiscation, withdrawal of deposits, collapse of credit, liquidity crises and widespread bankruptcies brought about by Presidents HarrisonHoover, Reagan, Bush and Bush Jr is simply the reaffirmation of what Adam Smith wrote in 1775, and Ayn Rand improved and set on an ethical footing in 1957. There, too, was The Forgotten Hand:

I mean that I hold the upper hand!”
“With a gun in it?”
“Oh, forget about guns! I—” 

If you want to change America back into a free country, consider making a small donation to the State Libertarian Party in places like Oklahoma, Ohio and Alabama. This is easy to do over the internet using a PayPal account (except to the suicidal Travis County Libertarian Party).


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Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Gary Johnson’s long lever

2016nmspoilerArchimedes had one, of course, but Gary Johnson’s is longer. I am talking about law-changing spoiler vote leverage in his home state of New Mexico. New Mexico’s five electoral votes went to the other faction of the looter Kleptocracy, that also wants cops to stop and shoot your kids–or at least asset-forfeit your car–claiming they “thought they smelled” marijuana.

Were it not for Gary, those electoral votes might have gone to the party that disagrees on forcing women to reproduce, but is OK on Chinese Carbon Tax transfer payment sacrifices in support of the Church of Misantropomorphic Global Warming.  They’ll not forget those 72, 000 votes and five electoral votes. Those votes will cause God’s Own Prohibitionists to defenestrate the Tea Party mystics infiltrating their platform committee–to keep from losing that battle.

Gary Johnson’s libertarian party got more votes than the difference between asset-forfeiture prohibitionists and other looters in several other states–more than enough to change the election outcome. That is how we small parties change the laws–by moving the carrot this way and that.

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Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Atlas Shrugged, 1943


Young Francisco D’Anconias

Surely you’re thinking “The Fountainhead,” I hear you wonder… but neither book was written in a day. The Fountainhead was indeed part of the war effort against National Socialist collectivism–including its religious component. Safely ensconced within These States, Ayn Rand, age 38, read in the newspapers about how in the Europe she’d fled, Germans and Russians fought, starved, bled and died–whether enslaved to sacrifice for Communism or enslaved to save German NSDAP Christianity from “stock market jewry.” (Does this sound familiar? Occupy Wall Street?)

As usual, These States got sucked into the vortex of that foreign war after the attack on Hawaii. Newspapers and radio were the internet of the 1930s and 1940s. In their pages young Ayn Rand read about Sweden’s fantastic new Harden metal alloy, shadowy Match Kings and Beer Barons. She read about young men whose ambition led them to hire on with railroad maintenance crews in 1943 nazimayors1946before maturing into Copper Barons able to rattle stock markets into a panic with a gesture.  This latter news item was framed in exhortations to buy war bonds, with air raid signals and instructions on the facing page. She also read of the Allied Military Government putting some Nazis back in power while hanging others for genocide as she was writing Atlas Shrugged.

The same thing is happening today. Christian National Socialism, motivated by altruism, now targets a different semitic people and religion–all the while angling to monopolize and control drug markets through the only mechanism it understands… war, coercion, murder.  Totalitarian communist territory has dwindled to Cuba, China, North Korea, Venezuela and a tiny scattering of pestilent dictatorships likewise limited to war, coercion, murder as ways of getting things done in the name of altruism. The ku-klux fascists‘ competition? Lay or Gaian socialists claiming to be democrats, likewise motivated by altruism–and guided by pseudoscience to rule by violence.

Christians and Gaians alike are terrified of imaginary hobgoblins. LSD-possessed Manson clan communists plot with Saracen terrorists to lead Christian youth away from Jesus and confiscate their money and guns, worry the former–with some justification as to the money. The Gaians’ nightmares are animated by Ku-klux mercantilist plutocrats advised by mad scientists and Hell-bent on turning the planet into a rotisserie,–with urine testing with licensing regulations so that only their toadies have jobs. Again, their fears as to urine-test blacklisting are not at all unfounded.

This is the Cold War all over again, with different actors–but always and on both sides the same altruism and reliance on faith as opposed to reliable evidence. The one constant is the belief that altruism is a good enough reason to have someone else pick up deadly weapons and coerce some third party. But… by what standard is altruism or the initiation of force good?

My Presentation In The Australian Parliament — The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

This is Tony’s presentation. Tony’s baccalaureate was in Geology, followed by an MS in Electrical Engineering. He is a programmer, chip designer and detector of pseudoscientific flim-flammery much like Prof. Petr Beckmann. Here he is in the Southern Hemisphere Land of Auz, in the half of Planet Earth that is home to only 1/9 of humanity. 


Unsurprisingly, the vid link has gone bad. Visit (link)

via My Presentation In The Australian Parliament — The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Find out how looter party infiltration brought on the Income Tax and Prohibition Amendments that caused the Crash and Great Depression.

cause and effect

Why do refugees flee Statesward? Because the Republican Party’s 1928 Good Neighbor Policy began the exportation of the fanatical prohibitionism that brought on the Crash and left the US economy smoldering in the Great Depression. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929, explains how fanatical agents raiding banks in a fractional-reserve monetary structure SHRINK economies here, there and everywhere into black holes of banking panics and liquidity crises. LIVE on Amazon Kindle in 2 languages.

World’s Greatest Persuader


Or the other looter party’s supporters…

Germany was just like America in 1933. Banks were failing, bankruptcy was everywhere, selfishness–not the government that attacked Serbia–was blamed. The country was burdened by crushing debt. There were law-and-order Christian altruists who wanted to Make Germany Great Again. Opposed to them were communists and socialists who believe the world owes them a living at someone else’s expense. Germany had been desperately weak, forfeiting land and other assets to her conquering enemies.

Germans–especially women and children–were literally dying of starvation in 1919, when Christian American Food Czar Herbert Hoover came to their rescue with trainloads of victuals. American occupation protected unarmed German civilians from military police brutality that year.  The Weimar government soon tried devaluing her currency into utter worthlessness to make assets not worth forfeiting.

Herbert Hoover’s 1931 Moratorium on Brains helped German Christian National Socialism spend other people’s money on a rise to power, just as George Bush Junior’s first Executive Order established a White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives making These States a religious satrapy. The result in both cases was the funnelling of taxpayer money into mystical pressure groups, making major cities targets for terrorist bombings. But out of the confusion in Germany in 1933 there arose a patriotic master persuader to unify the country.

The Chancellor of the Reich told Christians “you are right! We need more faith-based altruism in government; citizens only! confiscation of profits! official national language! Positive Christianity!” He turned to the Socialists and told them “you are right! We need government education! legal measures against liars and deniers! strong central authority! expropriation without compensation!” The Great Persuader unified the country by telling “both” groups lobbying for coercion that total control was the answer. This stuff sells! George Orwell reminded us that “As late as the autumn of 1945, a Gallup poll taken among the American troops in Germany showed that 51 percent “thought Hitler did much good before 1939”.


NSDAP France

Soon everyone in Germany the slightest bit jewish was living in a movie in which they were fighting against a monster called Hitler, but most German voters lived in a movie where they got the party and president, I mean Fuehrer, they wanted for the changes they preferred. Same planet, different realities. This is where solipsistic nihilism takes entertainers who evade values and causality and imagine everything is a matter of opinion.

Republicans are uncomfortable talking about National Socialist values–Christianity, Jobs, Law and Order… in fact, Vichy Southern France, which capitulated without being exactly defeated by the Germans, changed its motto from Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité to Travaille, Famille, Patrie! It doesn’t get any more Republican and faith-based than that. How did things come to such a pass?

People made fun of the Great Persuader’s moustache in 1933, just as they make fun of the Great Persuader’s hair in 2016. But it’s only been 83 years of altruism v. altruism, and some people are slow learners. If you are tired of reliving yesterday’s communist-fascist Groundhog day over and over again, consider making a donation to the Libertarian Party. We’re all about tomorrow.

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Adam Smith actually spoke of two hands, one of them invisible but productive, the other camouflaged and parasitical. This unproductive hand, once it has withered the invisible hand of freedom and uncoerced self-interest–the hand represented by the Bill of Rights–has nothing to clap against. I call this sinister item The Forgotten Hand.


The Forgotten Hand

Unproductive hands can multiply and fan out, destroying the host nation like an infestation of roundworms, grubs, termites, lampreys or bacteria–all the while reaching out and spreading to others. Once upon a time–before Soviet starvation, Gulags, Todes-schutzen Berlin Wall snipers, brainwashing and torture–the shining ideal of the unproductive hand shifted from the failures of monarchism to a new embodiment in theoretical communism. After all, before 1917 nobody had ever actually observed government communism outside of conjecture. Since 1917, however, the horrors of communo-fascist terrorism have been an object lesson in how altruism nurtures coercion, mass death and mass self-deception.

Once again the pervasive conditioning of Christian National Socialism–whose nationalization and asset-forfeiture-generated shock waves spread outward, weakening or toppling every economy in their path–poses a threat. Eclipsed by this mystical evil we still have the persistent influence of Chinese communism. In a reversal of the missionary-inspired Fifth Column Taeping rebellion that weakened the Celestials during their Opium Wars and America’s Civil War and Reconstruction era, China is itself using the New Left Greeligion to throttle industry with carbon taxes.globalcommies2012The sound of one hand clapping is heard wherever looters impose altruism at gunpoint. It is the sound of one hand waving the flies away from a child who has died of starvation or an adult killed by violent coercion. This was a sound too familiar all over China in the 18th and 19th Centuries, as Europeans used poppy goo and foreign mysticism to drain away the nation’s wealth. By China’s lights, revolution and communism saved them from industrialized addiction as of 1911. Also by their lights a Carbon Tax transferring wealth from the White Devils to the Celestial Empire would be no more than reparation for harm unjustly visited upon them.

Unfortunately for China, the ramping-up of temperature data fraud to fabricate a Global Warming scare became too obvious in the discrepancy between satellite data and tamper-susceptible ground stations. Libertarian and Green Party spoiler votes resulted in the prohibitionist Democratic party’s defeat by God’s Own Prohibitionists to keep the real issue in the limelight.

Ironically, internal prohibitionism imposed on China by England was the direct cause of the Celestial Empire’s economic ruin, just as American-imposed prohibitionism has exported the George Waffen Bush asset-forfeiture Depression to the rest of the world. We could learn from China’s sad experience with coercion, and the Chinese would profit from an examination of freedom.

The Democratic party could have won the election by adopting the Libertarian repeal plank as the Democrats of 1932 adopted the Liberal Party repeal plank. But continuing prohibition–with police shooting our kids in the back to please Big Pharma–was more important to them than freedom. People and parties get what they deserve. The Dems got booted out and the increased its vote share by over 300%!

Look me up if ever in need of translation of laws or lawsuits from Spanish or into Portuguese & English–or simultaneous interpreting of a political event.

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Econazi spoiler votes


Communism defeats Democrats in 1952

Ayn Rand recognized The New Left as The Anti-Industrial Revolution in 1971. The Nixon Administration was busy completing the task of injecting German National Socialism into American ideology. So, that same year David Nolan went ahead with formation of a Libertarian Party to counteract the twin totalitarian trends of the 1930s.

The Libertarian Party threatened the Christian National Socialism Republicans had successfully imported after Herbert Hooverville’s destruction of the economy and their crony mercantilist-cum-prohibitionist party. It took another 24 years to elect the German-descended, non-teetotalitarian soldier who “defeated Hitler,” and even then only out of fear of the communist faith in Korea, a faith the Delano and Roosevelt dynasties had unwittingly boosted by abetting Britain’s Opium Wars.

But Ike’s coattails also dragged in Richard Nixon–the embodiment of the Waffen military-industrial complex grafted onto These States. Nixon acted to crush the Libertarian Party within 24 hours of its formation. Americans promptly got the Weathermen, Symbionese Liberation Front and Black and Grey panthers instead.

Predatory mercantilism backed by nationalsocialism is coercive and therefore unstable, just as all socialism is unstable. It’s 99 years since soviet socialism began murdering people, and the Dems still worship those ideas just as God’s Own Prohibitionists worship the more Germanic and christianized version of the same thing.

Spoiler votes interfere with entrenched parties getting “their” henchmen into government jobs and paychecks. For this reason third party votes are extremely powerful tools. But the 1952 threat of Chinese international socialist (communist) military victory in Korea completely drowned out Progressive and Prohibition Party voter support (0,2%, 0,1%) that election. With virtually no spoiler votes, Ike became the first Republican victory since 1928. That was the year the GO-Pee was completely taken over by Klansmen and Prohibitionists.

This latest election proved National Socialism and crony mercantilism are still popular, but totalitarian prohibitionism is fading fast after George Waffen Bush‘s asset-forfeiture prohibitionism again turned These States into Hoovervilles in 2007. The Gaia-worshipping version of totalitarian collectivism–gulped hook, line and sinker by the Dems after their Y2k rout by Green spoiler votes–was co-opted and manipulated a little too visibly by Chinese totalitarians. Genuine scientists like Rudy Heller exposed the fraud behind the political Greeligion, and intellectuals of the looter persuasion, innocent of physics and math, will never understand that the world was becoming cooler while venal frauds and data falsifiers falsified simple facts.

Now, like Millerites on October 23, 1844, Democrats are shocked, disappointed, bewildered, but still suckers. Their own false superstition born of predatory socialism led them to conclusions demonstrably WRONG to anyone who can read a thermometer and plot a curve. Trump won. There went their chances of leeching off of others without first producing faith-based credentials. There too went many of the libertarian-gained rights women hoped to hang onto.

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Letter to Arlo Guthrie


Arlo Guthrie


Arlo fan





Howdy Arlo, I read with shocked amazement that you’d admitted, in print, to voting Republican. Immediately I rationalized that this was probably back during the Cold War, in hopes of maybe a defense against H-missiles–a youthful indiscretion is all. Surely we both learned from watching Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Waffen Bush… right? 

Then I remembered that you’re the same Arlo Guthrie, who turned himself in for littering in the Alice’s Restaurant Massacre. You’re the trusting and unsuspicious youngster from Stockbridge Massachusetts who had failed to count upon a THIRD POSSIBILITY and you were immediately arrested… handcuffed… I’m here to talk about that third possibility, the one that strikes off the handcuffs and lets non-violent people like us out of jail.

I meeean, I’m here to talk about the libertarian party because I don’t, and am so reckless as to suppose you don’t want your kids to be shot or jailed over weed, your home nationalized by the IRS, or your car stolen by state troopers exercising faith-based asset forfeiture and causing crashes and depressions in the name of Prohibition. (This is the part where the audience, you, chimes in to say NO in four-part harmony).

IF this seems reasonable, then BOTH halves of the Kleptocracy must seem pretty much alike and wrong to you and me both. Both the Democratic and the Republican parties in their published platforms want to keep the IRS treatening Willie Nelson, asset forfeiture looting threatening the economy, military bombing crusades, crashes, panics, deportations… I am not making this up–I’ve read those platforms.

Remember walking down Haight street in that freest of free markets and thinking it wasn’t all that weird?
Uncoerced markets work because prices–unlike votes wasted on teevee candidates–carry information. One reason spoiler votes are 6 to 36 times as hard-hitting as soft machine votes is because of cancelling. After all, 50 million platitudes divided by 50 million of the exact same platitudes equals one. Fractions are like that, whether you like it or not. You can simplify them by cancelling out the stuff that’s the same, and that makes the 3% remainder easier to compare.

Every politician who loses by 1% percent when the Libertarian (or Green) party candidate got 2% thinks about how outcomes could have been different if only he’d offered friendlier (or less hateful) laws. Those votes put useful information into the hands of decisionmakers regardless of what candidate gets elected in the rigged system. Because this information acts to improve the laws, the Libertarian party voters and candidates always win because we only want bad laws to go away.

The only way to vote for DIFFERENT LAWS–and be counted–is to vote Libertarian. Voting Green or CPUSA only presses the Dems further down the Ho-Chi-Minh trail to the old East Berlin, and voting for the Tea or Consta-too-shun parties only pushes the GOP further Klanward into Italian fascism or German National Socialism. Voting for either one of these soft machines is kinda like jumping up and down yelling kill! kill! kill! But LP voters jump up and down hollering: repeal! decriminalize! reduce! So I agree with you that–unlike piles of garbage–it’s better to have two parties than one. All I’m asking is that they not both be trying to get us killed.

Some of my friends (who watch teevee) are worried that their vote might be the one that could have defeated the girl-bulliers. I’m not worried because bookies are betting cash money that the Lady candidate is going to win. They also bet the GO-Pee candidate and my candidate, Gary Johnson, are both going to lose. Here are today’s odds. When the numerator is larger than the denominator, they expect that candidate to not get elected. Both my candidate and the guy with the orange hair have larger numerators. Hillary’s numerator is smaller than her denominator, which means Irish bookies’ actuarial calculations at lead them to expect her to be the first First Lady ever to become President.**


A 7 to 2 payout means Trump only has a 28% probability of winning.

That’s about it. I’m happy to hear you on the radio now and then–but there are limits to how many times I’m allowed to play Alice’s Restaurant on the stereo. I’ll rest a lot easier if I find out you said something nice about voting for peace and legalization and all kinds of groovy things–as opposed to bullying girls, beating people over the head with nightsticks or sending them off with implements of destruction to do mean, nasty, ugly things on the other side of the planet.

Your fan, Hank Phillips.

**Unfortunately for the Dems, Paddypower did not compare the 1% remainder leaving a platform that promised to make electric power plants illegal and tax air molecules against a competing platform (copied from the libertarian party) that promised to keep power stations safe and legal.

Enter a 1926 science-fiction time machine view of future U.S. elections  touting prohibition and collectivist eugenics in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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