vampire lamprey

IMAGINE A VAMPIRE BAT, HOOKWORM or lamprey feeling sorrow or remorse, shedding crocodile tears or walrus and carpenter tears for its “host.” That is parasitical collectivist socialism voting its nourishment. Parasites are masters of camouflage and mimesis. Many inject their victims with painkillers or anticoagulants, the better to drain off their blood.
And why not inject the victims with disinformation, the better to lead them to slaughter? “Those are only showers…” “The common good before the individual good…” “To each according to his needs…” “Suffer the little children to come unto me…” “You won’t regret this…” “It’s a necessary sacrifice…” “God is on our side…” “Otherwise your vote is wasted…” “The outcome is already determined…”  or “This won’t hurt a bit…”

tickTo them this is a natural, inevitable process, to which resistance is counterproductive and futile. Parasites have no conscience of wrong or remorse for their victims.

But in every case, with both parties, men with guns are standing by to leave you no choice… Are you voting for that? Are you voting to continue being a host to unproductive parasites, to help them pretend they’re not deadly, or would you rather vote your conscience and be parasite-free?

Ever considered voting for principled candidates bound by their party platform to vote against laws that initiate force… laws sending men with guns after imagined crimes with no victims? Will you vote to help parasites feast on and infest the defenseless? Why not instead invest a valuable vote to defend the rights of productive individuals to act on their own behalf, folks who live by their own effort and give by their own generosity? Why not vote Libertarian?

3 thoughts on “NO CONSCIENCE TO VOTE

  1. If you had offered a plausible candidate, Libertarian would be an option. Johnson was dumber than a guinea fowl. He could not possibly have done the job. He was even stupider that Trump.


    • Thanks Roedy, but we won that election by increasing our spoiler vote share over 300%. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people,” so we take the best candidate in the running, which was Gary, and offer down-ballot candidates on the best and shortest platform. Each spoiler vote is worth 6 to 36 votes wasted ont he looter kleptocracy in terms os law-changing clout. So Gary’s take, equal to the State of Virginia, really translates into 24 to 144 million lotes in terms of law-changing and shifts in judicial interpretation. Don’t be shy about criticizing the math. The smear job the looters did on Gary was received with equanimity. If you had found fault with our platform, I’d be concerned.


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