The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Adam Smith actually spoke of two hands, one of them invisible but productive, the other camouflaged and parasitical. This unproductive hand, once it has withered the invisible hand of freedom and uncoerced self-interest–the hand represented by the Bill of Rights–has nothing to clap against. I call this sinister item The Forgotten Hand.


The Forgotten Hand

Unproductive hands can multiply and fan out, destroying the host nation like an infestation of roundworms, grubs, termites, lampreys or bacteria–all the while reaching out and spreading to others. Once upon a time–before Soviet starvation, Gulags, Todes-schutzen Berlin Wall snipers, brainwashing and torture–the shining ideal of the unproductive hand shifted from the failures of monarchism to a new embodiment in theoretical communism. After all, before 1917 nobody had ever actually observed government communism outside of conjecture. Since 1917, however, the horrors of communo-fascist terrorism have been an object lesson in how altruism nurtures coercion, mass death and mass self-deception.

Once again the pervasive conditioning of Christian National Socialism–whose nationalization and asset-forfeiture-generated shock waves spread outward, weakening or toppling every economy in their path–poses a threat. Eclipsed by this mystical evil we still have the persistent influence of Chinese communism. In a reversal of the missionary-inspired Fifth Column Taeping rebellion that weakened the Celestials during their Opium Wars and America’s Civil War and Reconstruction era, China is itself using the New Left Greeligion to throttle industry with carbon taxes.globalcommies2012The sound of one hand clapping is heard wherever looters impose altruism at gunpoint. It is the sound of one hand waving the flies away from a child who has died of starvation or an adult killed by violent coercion. This was a sound too familiar all over China in the 18th and 19th Centuries, as Europeans used poppy goo and foreign mysticism to drain away the nation’s wealth. By China’s lights, revolution and communism saved them from industrialized addiction as of 1911. Also by their lights a Carbon Tax transferring wealth from the White Devils to the Celestial Empire would be no more than reparation for harm unjustly visited upon them.

Unfortunately for China, the ramping-up of temperature data fraud to fabricate a Global Warming scare became too obvious in the discrepancy between satellite data and tamper-susceptible ground stations. Libertarian and Green Party spoiler votes resulted in the prohibitionist Democratic party’s defeat by God’s Own Prohibitionists to keep the real issue in the limelight.

Ironically, internal prohibitionism imposed on China by England was the direct cause of the Celestial Empire’s economic ruin, just as American-imposed prohibitionism has exported the George Waffen Bush asset-forfeiture Depression to the rest of the world. We could learn from China’s sad experience with coercion, and the Chinese would profit from an examination of freedom.

The Democratic party could have won the election by adopting the Libertarian repeal plank as the Democrats of 1932 adopted the Liberal Party repeal plank. But continuing prohibition–with police shooting our kids in the back to please Big Pharma–was more important to them than freedom. People and parties get what they deserve. The Dems got booted out and the increased its vote share by over 300%!

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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