My Presentation In The Australian Parliament — The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

This is Tony’s presentation. Tony’s baccalaureate was in Geology, followed by an MS in Electrical Engineering. He is a programmer, chip designer and detector of pseudoscientific flim-flammery much like Prof. Petr Beckmann. Here he is in the Southern Hemisphere Land of Auz, in the half of Planet Earth that is home to only 1/9 of humanity. 


Unsurprisingly, the vid link has gone bad. Visit (link)

via My Presentation In The Australian Parliament — The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Find out how looter party infiltration brought on the Income Tax and Prohibition Amendments that caused the Crash and Great Depression.

cause and effect

Why do refugees flee Statesward? Because the Republican Party’s 1928 Good Neighbor Policy began the exportation of the fanatical prohibitionism that brought on the Crash and left the US economy smoldering in the Great Depression. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929, explains how fanatical agents raiding banks in a fractional-reserve monetary structure SHRINK economies here, there and everywhere into black holes of banking panics and liquidity crises. LIVE on Amazon Kindle in 2 languages.

6 thoughts on “My Presentation In The Australian Parliament — The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

  1. Prof Cox’ suckers are probably getting nervous about now–especially with the disconnect as of Y2k between tamper-resistant satellite and hair-dryer vulnerable asphalt parking lot temperature data…


  2. Hi Hanky! I just listended to Tony Heller’s (i.e Steven Goddard) video and it sounded pretty convincing! However, nowhere is there mention of why anyone would doctor the global temperature data to fit God knows what agenda? Do you know why one would be so diabolical as to develop a whole knew clean energy philosophy and a real industry so as to create a clean environment and give thousands if not millions of jobs to people worldwide, and develop countless brand new technologies and innovations?! I would be very curious and thankfull if you could clarify this for me! Always eager to further balanced debate; best regards, Ken 🙂


    • Hi Kennie. When we were kids you and I were much more concerned with whether someone was lying, stealing or killing. Their motives were to us (and to the courts), abstractions relevant only to the sentencing judge. I’m still the same. German National Socialists and Russian International Socialists killed millions of people. My opinion of whether their motives were good or bad do not alter the facts. Rudy Heller and I both seek out liars and frauds who want to cripple power generation in semi-free nations. That they exist and prey on the unwary to sell their agenda is clear even if the agenda isn’t. With no exceptions, since I began doing this back in 1979, the agenda of every one of them I questioned has always centered on a desire to send men with guns out to threaten and coerce people. Access to energy increases life expectancy, and blackouts cause death. My agenda emphasizes the willing cooperation of all parties involved, so I reject their values root and branch. That their data is false and unconvincing is simply icing on the cake. –BTW, today is my sister Mary’s birthday!


    • Kennie, I found something interesting from Congress: “On September 21, 2016, the Subcommittees on Oversight and Energy of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held a joint hearing titled “Examining Misconduct and Intimidation of Scientists by Senior DOE Officials.””
      Here’s the link to the Congressional document:
      I have no idea if the looter politicians or the parasitical bureaucrats are lying–or both. But whether the report is true is to me the important question. I can invent motives after the fact with the best of them.
      As for debate… Garvin refuses to debate his data manipulation and doomcrying. See:
      Is that balanced?


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