Avoiding Mac Sierra OS

Remember when Microsoft released Vista? When was the last time you saw them brag about that?

Apple’s Sierra is as miserable a turkey as Vista or Windows 8 or 10. But there is a way to avoid the pitfall.
Regular Mac users can upgrade from the cat family OSes (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc) to Yosemite by going to Purchased items in the Apple Store. I discovered this only after Sierra ruined my system, and am studying methods for rolling back the install and starting fresh with Yosemite.  (Yosemite includes functional multi-language speech-to-text dictation features).

Expect to see about as many people looking to roll back to El Capitan or Yosemite as there were trying to remove Vista and install Windows XP.  These are the sorts of releases that make people appreciate Linux…

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