Canadian Liberals and American Libertarians

mystical whack job

LP Candidate 2018?

Will the Libertarian Party sacrifice integrity to superstition? 

1968 — Nixon elected, Mi Lai massacre, GOP declares war on plant leaves, entheogens, segregationist American Party advocates War on Plant Leaves, gets 35 electoral votes. No US party published a Comstock law plank to ban or censor birth control that year, but George Wallace loudly insisted he wanted politicians to ban most birth control.

1968 — Prohibition party platform: No greater mistake has ever been made by the American people and their government than the Repeal of Prohibition. (This is the party that controls the GOP as of 1928.)

1969 — Canadian abortion activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler defies the law and opens an abortion clinic in Montreal.

1970 — Morgentaler clinic is raided and physician is charged with several offences. The Gestapo had 27 years earlier arrested Morgentaler for internment in its death camp eugenics program to cleanse humanity of Jewish selfishness and make the World safe for Positive Christianity.

1971 — American Libertarian Party formed by David Nolan, adopts the Non-Aggression Principle. This principle was formulated by Ayn Rand in 1947, as National Socialist eugenics proponents were being hanged at Nuremberg and elsewhere. Richard Nixon signs amendment to IRS Code making transfer payment subsidies via the income tax to entrenched Kleptocracy parties for electioneering in media.

1972 — Pro-choice, pro-defense, Libertarian Party candidates John Hospers and Toni Nathan earn one electoral vote from a state in which barred from the ballot.

1973 — Republican Supreme Court copies and pastes the 1972 Libertarian Party pregnancy plank into its Roe v. Wade decision using the 14th Amendment to secure individual rights for most pregnant women.

1974 — Morgentaler acquitted on abortion charges by Quebec jury, later overturned by Quebec Court of Appeal.

1976 — Prohibition party platform adds plank: We support a Constitutional Amendment to protect the unborn by prohibiting abortion except in those very rare cases where the life of the mother is seriously endangered.

1976 — Canadian Justice Minister orders retrial. Morgentaler acquitted by jury again in September. Newly elected Parti Quebecóis drops all charges.

1976 — Republican party platform copies from Prohibition Party the plank demanding a Prohibition Amendment to force pregnant women to reproduce by coercing physicians at gunpoint.

1980 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment.

1984 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment.

1988 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Declares “All persons born…” in 14th Amendment really means “All ova fertilized…” Supreme Court of Canada strikes down all laws restricting that individual right of women.  Goodthinkful Republican party politicians struggle to evade this decision as thoughtcrime.

1992 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Seeks Mussolini-precedent Lateran Treaty powers to force children in government schools to recite prayers.

1996 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Declares its support for Religious Mercantilism by calling it [get this!] “free-market Capitalism,” promises 5th Amendment protection against Asset-Forfeiture looting (except where prohibitionism enters the picture).

2000 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Demands formation of Junior Anti-Sex League and additional laws to coerce pubescent teens. 2001, George Bush Jr. signs Executive Order subsidizing infiltration of federal government by faith-based mystical organizations, as in the Mohammedan countries.

2004 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Expands demands to export prohibition of individual rights of women (and everyone else) to UN, advocates interference in international organizations to pressure them into coercing physicians who provide healthcare to women. Asset-forfeiture prohibitionism ramps up to wholesale armed robbery by men with government guns.

2008 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment. Demands protection by mock trial (not international law) of troops ordered to bomb civilians in Mohammedan countries. Economy collapses under weight of prohibitionist asset-forfeiture looting.

2012 — Recycled republican candidate Gary Johnson promises to try to overturn Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Gets 3 million fewer votes than he got after dropping that dumb idea.

2016 — Republican platform demands Abortion Prohibition Amendment by retasking 5th Amendment to coerce physicians instead of ban asset-forfeiture looting. Libertarian party infiltrated by Republican prohibitionists, platform edited to add faith-based straddle plank. Rights-violating republican infiltrator nearly nominated by LP. Democratic party platform seeks to make electricity as abundant and affordable in Continental United States as in Puerto Rico.  </history>

2018 — ??
Scenario 1: Mystical prohibitionist Republicans take over LP
the way the Prohibition Party assimilated the GOP in 1928, and the People’s Party swallowed the Democrats in 1896–to back a Prohibition Amendment declaring women are not “persons born” and assert that the 5th Amendment legalizes asset forfeiture looting.
Scenario 2 — Libertarian Party maintains its integrity, sheds good-faith-based imprecations and defends the individual rights of all women, as in Canada. LP advocates a constitutional amendment protecting the freedom of production and trade, replaces GOP like Whigs replaced Federalists and were themselves mowed down by Red Republicans in 1860.

The Supreme Court tried backing Prohibitionist superstition in 1920, but when that brought about a depression worse than the one from the 1894 income tax (for which the Prohibition Party incorrectly claims credit), the Court learned. The 1973 US Supreme Court decision has since assured women all over the planet that they are individuals with rights. Christian National Socialists and Mohammedan Sharia Law fanatics object to any kind of individual rights–especially if applicable to women, blacks, latinos… So what? Superstition is dwindling and has few spoiler votes to cast. Libertarians have four million spoiler votes. Our vote share looks like this measured hockey stick graph:

Superstition from 1928 on the other hand…

9/11 showed us religion worships death!

Science will fly you to the Moon. Religion will fly you into the side of a building!

Which will it be? Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, H.L. Mencken, David Nolan, John Hospers, Toni Nathan? or the Klan, Prohibition Party, Anthony Comstock, Herbert Hoover, Joe McCarthy, Harry Anslinger, Dick Nixon and the Bush Dynasty? Free minds and free markets or Republican Blue laws, Democrat Kristallnacht laws and Mohammedan Sharia law?

Much of the political strife of the Prohibition era, and its economic consequences, are covered in Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929. Live on Amazon Kindle in two languages


I also produce books and articles in Portuguese, using Brazilian historical sources at or

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