Before the 1929 Crash

Kleptocracy black market is mystical collectivist side effect

Does this look like financial news? Well it is!(link)


The Evening Day, New London, Connecticut January 1, 1926, page 4, on which an almost new Ford coupe sells for $175, depicts the breakdown of the Gentlemen’s Agreement between prohibition enforcers and a coalition of bootleggers, bankers, sugar & yeast companies and pharmaceutical enterprises. Many of the larger drug companies were at least partly German, at a time when Germany was still a holdout on passing the equivalent of a Volstead Act designed to ban enjoyable drugs. Here is how German stock and money markets behaved during five years shortly after a reparations crisis had reduced the value of the Papier Mark to its weight in cellulose. What was going on here and in Germany? 

Income Tax Asset Forfeiture Looting wrecks investment

Mabel Willebrandt uses Bureau of Internal Revenue to enforce alcohol and drug prohibition laws via “forfeiture of goods”

The Balkan Wars began as soon as China overthrew the Quing Dynasty and blocked the dumping of morphine at its ports, and disputed the Boxer Reparations imposed when the Quing government had for the third time tried to block entry of opiates. The belligerents were opium producing nations busily supplying Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and other chemically advanced nations with raw materials–materials France obtained in what is now Vietnam and Great Britain obtained in India. The glut finally escalated into World War One when the number of signatures on the 1912 Hague Opium Convention approached the number required to make it binding. A real War, whatever the pretext, put a stop to the signatures piling up on the treaty–at least for a while.(link

A similar situation existed in America where efforts to make The Demon Rum and beer a men-with-guns felony met opposing gunfire, stock market liquidations, banking problems and economic depression. Part of the reason was that the Revenue Act of 1921 made it possible for prosecutors to nullify the 4th and 5th Amendments and use Tax Code asset-forfeiture provisions to rob bootleggers, banks and brokerages.(link)  Enforcement conveniently shifted from beer to narcotics in 1923, and Weimar German currency quickly turned back into ordinary paper, like Venezuelan currency today.

Heroin became a Democratic plank in 1924, the Klanbake Year when racial collectivism and prohibition ruled the Bryanist party, and both halves of the Kleptocracy competed earnestly in the physical restraint of men engaged in voluntary trade and production. The German stock market soon began falling, and when prosecutor Willebrandt resigned and went public in August 1929, the U.S. stock market and banks soon began collapsing into the Great Depression. The same thing happened in 1986, with Ronald and Nancy Reagan leading the looters till the Crash of 1987. The resulting Depression was intensified by George Bush Senior via armed looting and another Balkan-style War… until God’s Own Prohibitionists lost. Prohibitionist fanaticism resumed by George W. (as in Waffen) Bush and the economy again collapsed like a pricked balloon.(link)

Today God’s Own Prohibitionists are back in the saddle, pushing economy-wrecking Comstock and prohibition laws. The Democrats seek to use tax laws to fund medical treatment made unaffordable by regulations, the Republican Comstock laws of 1873 and Democratic Harrison Act of 1914–which deputized fascist physicians as narcs and barred libertarian doctors from the profession. They also seek to make energy conversion illegal and return to human slavery.

Both Kleptocracy parties are proposing to increase asset forfeiture looting until one or the other is tripped up by enough Libertarian spoiler votes for the stupidity of pseudoscience and communo-fascist variants of socialism to wither, and take the initiation of force with them. Sound farfetched? It won’t if you read their platforms.(link)

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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