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Nixon claims vote fraud! (link)

The recent mud wrestling match between Republican National Socialists and Democratic International Socialists is not really all that unusual. Sixty years ago, for example, Richard Milhous Nixon, a Quaker prohibitionist like Herbert Clark Hoover, ran to the courts in Austin Texas claiming he’d been robbed in the election.(link)

This, incidentally, is the same Austin Texas in which a few days ago 27% of the entire population, men, women, children and babies, voted for at least one Libertarian party candidate. Most of these were down-ballot candidates.(link) Jo Jorgensen’s presidential campaign was burdened with the albatross of a communist anarchist running mate.(link) Consequently, the loser in the presidential election was the Libertarian party, thanks to that particular candidate and vote-repelling changes made to the platform after 2016. Libertarians should have had approximately 9 to 12 million votes this election, based on population growth and past performance. Instead, all of our gains in recent presidential elections went down the toilet.

Libertarian National Committee Policymakers, 2020

Republicans, on the other hand, appeared to be doing as well as in 2016 with unchanged platform – until the last week of October. That was when Sen. Lindsey Graham–elected back when Democrats were eagerly signing no-knock warrants over marijuana–described Judge Amy Coney Barrett as “unashamedly pro-life.” What this meant in plain English is that Republicans hoped their new Supreme Court judge would vote to send men with guns to kick in the doors of women’s birth control clinics.(linkWomen voters understood this perfectly.

World population is increasing by over 78,000 people a day. Part of this increase is the result of coercion of women and doctors, as in communist Romania during the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. Lindsey Graham’s statement was greeted by the Democratic and socialist press with whoops of joy, and included in news videos as often as possible.(link) (link) (link) American women began to worry about the prospect of being subjected to Comstockism of the sort Irish women voters recently repealed after 35 years of oppression.(link)

A Republican-style ban on birth control was imposed there back when Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul and Nicolae Ceausescu were unashamedly opposed to the idea of women having individual rights. They lobbied for Amending the U.S. Constitution the way the Constitution of Ireland was amended in 1983. So who could the women voters turn to? Certainly not the Libertarian party!

Nixon with dictator Nicolae Ceaususcu

True, The Supreme Court in 1973 copied the Libertarian party’s 1972 birth control plank shortly after the Libertarian party’s vice presidential candidate gained the first electoral vote ever cast for a woman in US history.(link) This upended the partnership between the Romanian Communist Party and the American Republican Party for the suppression of individual rights. Clarence Thomas promptly set to work helping Rehnquist overturn that decision won by women lawyers from Austin Texas in 1973.

Warren Commission investigator Ford with Nixon & Ceausescu

That LP plank survived the 1974 and 1976 campaigns as “We further support the repeal of all laws restricting voluntary birth control or the right of the woman to make a personal moral choice regarding the termination of pregnancy.” In 1984, however, the following was inserted: “However, we also oppose all tax funding for abortions.”(link) That same platform declared “We also call for the repeal of all medical licensing laws, which have raised medical costs while creating a government-imposed monopoly of doctors and hospitals.” In exchange for lying under oath to legitimize the pseudoscience used to justify prohibition laws, physicians, pharmacists and their lobbyists have, since 1914, legally gained cartel privileges and a license to fix prices making medical services unaffordable for most individuals.(link

That same 1984 LP platform declared against requiring identification of persons crossing the border into the United States. Suddenly, the Libertarian party chose to help the tax funded government, pharma and medical cartels to implement the policies of Republican televangelists instead of defending the individual rights of women. The Democratic Party’s response to the cartels was Soviet style nationalization of healthcare, which women voters deemed preferable to Libertarian cowardice in the face of Republican fanaticism. 

Trump was elected in 2016 after promising no criminal charges against women for birth control. Lindsey Graham’s characterization of the Supreme Court nominee as a zealot eager to erase the first three words of the 14th Amendment was the likely cause of the Trump’s defeat. Just as damaging to all recent progress toward increasing the number of law-changing libertarian spoiler votes was the 2018 Libertarian platform promise to import Saracen berserkers and infected herds of cattle across the border uninspected.(link) This did away with our 328% growth on the 2016 platform.

LP votes before Open Borders plank and Communist Anarchist for VP

The zealot wing of Trump’s power base now shrieks “we wuz robbed” the way Nixon supporters did in 1960. After Pres. Kennedy enforced a Supreme Court decision eliminating racial segregation from government schools, a bullet went through the president’s throat in the same horizontal plane as the railroad tracks curving around Dealey Plaza. The President was shot a second time, and died at Parkland Hospital as former vice president Richard Nixon boarded a plane leaving Dallas. 


Monteiro Lobato wrote a pro-American book bristling with eugenics and endorsements of Prohibition in 1926. Here is the science fiction story of the U.S. presidential election of the year 2228, translated into English by J Henry Phillips. (link)

For more on how Republican prohibitionism crushed the U.S. economy and brought on the Great Depression, why not download Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929? The book is live in two languages on Amazon Kindle and you can read it on a cellphone for the cost of a craft pint at a pub.

cause and effect

Brazilian blog (link)

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