Defund the LNC

Current maladministration has cut ballot access by 40% and reversed 2016 vote gains

Libertarian party candidate Joe Jorgensen came in dead last among Central Texas Libertarian candidates. Was this because of some failing on her part or perhaps because of her unwanted running mate? Jeremy “Spike” Cohen gave no indication that he had even glanced at the Libertarian party platform when his candidacy was announced. Nor does he write anything down. He did however make a recorded statement:

I understand that the Platform is an attempt to compromise between different positions and I completely respect that, but as an individual candidate my policy is anarchy. –Spike

Jeremy evidently doesn’t read much either, or he would know that the platform of the Libertarian party is not an endorsement of anarchism. Our first candidate, John Hospers, identified himself as “an unreconstructed minarchist.” His book, Libertarianism, debunks every fallacy anarchists put forth in support of their rejected theories. Get it from Amazon for $3.3 in 3.3 minutes.(link)

Libertarian candidate vote shares in Travis County Texas, 2020

So what do the voters think of this anarchist innovation? Was the Travis County Texas election result a statistical outlier? Jo Jorgensen also came in dead last in Nevada’s major elections. Indeed, the Libertarian party has helpfully posted a list of candidates and their vote counts at

From that admittedly defective list we can see that of the 515 candidates fielded by the Libertarian party, only 29 had a lower vote percentage than the Jorgensen-Cohen ticket. That comes to 5.6% of the total number of candidates. In other words, 94.4% of all Libertarian candidates nationwide got a larger slice of the vote count than Jo Jorgensen while burdened with an anarchist as a running mate.

Adding up the percentages of the various states and taking the average you’ll see that the average Libertarian party candidate got 13.6% of the vote. This is about what you would expect looking at the curve fit for presidential votes as it stood before the platform was mutilated in 2018. So what moved Jo Jorgensen’s campaign way below the 12 to 14% suggested by the mathematical model? One of the changes proposed by an anarchist on the platform committee called for uninspected entry across the border, with no requirement to so much as produce identification.(link)

This suicidal change was overwhelmingly criticized on conservative media, and gleefully ignored by Democratic Party candidates. Dems instead clung to the Libertarian party’s abandoned 1972 plank that became the Roe v. Wade decision. Instead of the Libertarian call for deregulation of all professions, such as the practice of medicine–to break up cartels making health services unaffordable–Dems opted for socialized medicine subsidies to the insurance, medical and pharma cartels. Dems also discarded the Biden-Clinton-Obama War on Plant leaves and copied Libertarian drug leniency. Results indicate this was an advantageous move. But what about the DNC leadership? What did voters think of them?

Henchman percentage0.9
Caryn Harlos2.8
Wayne Harlos2.6
Paul Bilyeu2.3
Whitney Bilyeu2.9
Bill Redpath1.7
Anarchist average2.2
Libertarian voters nationwide rejected LNC anarchists and platform mutilators

Several of the 2020 Libertarian candidates now listed on the LP website actually pushed for the 2018 platform mutilations. These six also, I believe, backed putting communist anarchist Jeremy “Spike” Cohen on the ticket instead of the amiable and inspiring Jacob Hornberger. Yet their own average performance as vote-getting candidates before the public is not at all inspiring.

Joe Henchman earned a much lower vote percentage than Spike and Jo, which is not surprising. None of the other five came anywhere near the tentative Libertarian average vote share of 13.6% for the United States–the share predicted by the logistic curve model I’ve published repeatedly since 2016. One gathers that Libertarian supporters nationwide are able to sense and reject the insincerity of saboteurs currently infiltrating the National Libertarian Party.

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