Open Borders Murderer

Meet the Jesus guy who went to church to stab people in Sanctuary City San Jose

Technically, of course, Fernando Jesus Lopez-Garcia had only been convicted of wife-beating, vandalism and a couple of felony counts of re-entry without inspection. Just because he also stabbed a bunch of people in front of witnesses doesn’t make him any more guilty than the Republican Party’s poster boy Robert Lewis Dear, who killed a cop, several civilians, wounded a bunch of people and riddled a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic with 200 bullets in 2015. Dear has not been convicted of any of that, and for all we know may yet walk with the Army of God Medal of Valor. But Robert Dear never crossed the border illegally to do those things… Fernando Jesus did. So is it wrong for violent criminals to cross the border without inspection? Is it stupid?

This is all it takes to get weak-minded fools assembled to reduce our vote share by 328% and LOSE us ballot access in 20 States

Federal law says uninspected entry is illegal for good reason.(link) But the National Libertarian Party platform AFTER 2018 NOW says “we” ought to welcome, aid and abet people like Fernando Jesus. The platform wasn’t like that in 2016, when we won 4 million spoiler votes in the top election and many times more in state and county races, where we had ballot access everywhere.

With the 2016 platform and no anarchists ruining the ticket we should have gotten 13 million presidential votes in 2020.

So the people whose loved ones were knifed, shot, run over or otherwise murdered by foreign nationals who obviously did and do “pose a credible threat to security, health or property” ought to write the Libertarian National Committee a note of thanks for having made such an idiotic change based on so pathetic a fallacious argument. Remember to support your State and local LP rather than the buffoons and anarchists currently making the national LP a clown act in a big-tent circus for suckers. NOT A PENNY for a new building until those responsible for the disaster resign or are replaced. Think globally, act locally

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