Other dangers…

The American Translators Association was assimilated by the American Society of Association Executives back in the early 1990s. Those lampreys replaced our normal election processes with puppet electors rubber-stamping single-candidate table officer slates. Now its tentacles appear to be reaching out for the Libertarian party in the form of ASAE Constituent Relationship Management “help.” State and local LPs would do well to look for CRMs untainted by any connection with the ASAE.(link)

A case in point is the Travis County Libertarian Party, which quit accepting PayPal and whose Dues & Donations link now goes straight to the Just-Add-Water siphon hose to National HQ. This process began when Pat Dixon, antichoice Republican “convert” to the LP, decided the best way to stop money coming in was to throttle off the PayPal link. Importing Whitney Bilyew from a neighboring Dixiecrat State hasn’t helped. An important question to ask any candidate or volunteer is: “Are you or have you ever been a member, contractor or employee of the American Society of Association Executives?”

I would love to hear from anyone with state-by-state Libertarian party vote counts. I want to work out what little spoiler vote clout we have left.(link) With friends like the current Libertarian National Committee–which lost us our 328% vote increase and ballot access by running a borderless communist anarchist–who needs enemies?(link)  

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Brazilian blog

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