Fascism infecting Libertarian Media

By Gilbert Shelton, former editor of The Texas Ranger, UTexas at Austin (link)

Ayn Rand declared it immoral to vote against Nixon the baby-bomber. She literally declared it a moral crime to vote for John Hospers, who had critically judged one of her philosophical arguments in a public venue.(link) Up until then it was clear to all and sundry that the Libertarian Party was the party of, by and for laissez-faire admirers of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Robert Heinlein exemplified those Ayn Rand admirers before it was even fashionable. A condition for membership even today is agreement with her Non-Aggression Principle framed in 1947 as Christian National Socialist war criminals pleaded for U.S. support before the trapdoors fell. But Rand’s tantrum, urging voters to instead support the Klan and Nixon’s use of the military to napalm babies in an abandoned French colonial opium regie on the other side of the planet, muddied the waters considerably.(link)

George Wallace supporters are rabidly opposed to birth control. Their allegiance transferred en masse to Nixon after their Savior felt on his hide the initiation of force he himself championed. His flock abandoned the American Independent Party and transferred its 46 electoral votes to the Watergate burglary mastermind.(link)  Those 1968 electoral votes had come from nearly 10 million rednecks famous for racial lynchings, arson, bombings and burning Beatles albums. Former Wallace voters were the core of Nixon’s Moral Majority, then Silent Majority after Agnew retreated behind the 5th Amendment. Vice President Agnew was indicted for failure to pay the Communist Manifesto income tax imported into the Constitution after its first enactment worsened the Panic of 1893. Transferring allegiance from opposing prohibition to supporting the Hoover-Nixon Quaker White Terror was not Ayn Rand’s smartest decision. (link

The IRS Code under which Agnew was indicted contains the Nixon Anti-Libertarian law no conservative ever mentions. This is a law taking money from producers and transferring it to the entrenched political parties comprising the looter Kleptocracy. Its effect was to attract an even denser swarm of communist intellectuals into the Democratic party. That party was still reeling from the Kennedy assassination, the shame Johnson’s cowardly carpet-bombing of civilians in Southeast Asia and the humiliating 1968 convention besieged by SDS and Youth International Party rioters. (link) That lot quickly infected Democrat media. Today’s social media bristle with long-haired YAFers claiming to be “libertarian” while putching a pietistic Republican National Socialist agenda consisting mainly of prophesies and revelations of what the Dems Left “is gonna do.”

Nixon’s never-mentioned Anti-Libertarian Law has been exported to Caudillo de Dios dictatorships in Latin America and most European countries formerly controlled by German National Socialism, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Vichy, caudillo and duce Fascism–and subsequently conquered by Soviet communism. Soviet Communism owned thousands of fusion bombs when Ayn was sabotaging John Hospers’ attempts to offer voters an alternative to communo-fascist variants of socialist altruism.(link)  

Those exported versions of the Nixon law are today as effective as barbed wire when it comes to preventing anyone from choosing libertarianism. Brazil, for instance, subsidizes 16 communist and 16 fascist parties, and forces everyone to vote for one or the other–or spindle the ballot. None of the Above has about 25% of the vote share in many large cities. The Atlas Society of objectivist impersonators has meanwhile joined Landover Baptist Republicans in pushing for laws to bully pregnant women into coathanger abortions. Exportation of prohibition laws demonizing plant leaves and inciting primitive junta dictatorships into economy-wrecking asset-forfeiture raids is what caused the mass exodus of economic refugees currently marching toward America.(link

Right now the Democratic party is saturated with communist ideology, its christian components replaced by girl-bullying islamic mohammedanism. Republicans made it clear that George Wallace’s plans to bully pregnant women are more important than winning elections. Meanwhile, Jo Jorgensen’s campaign was sabotaged with a partly-functioning communist anarchist on the ticket, drastically weakening libertarian spoiler vote clout.(link) Now is a good time to revive the original LP plank on women’s rights–the one copied by the Supreme Court as Roe v Wade.(link) To delay is to invite Army of God fanatics now being shunned out of Republican ranks to infest the LP and permanently end our chances of getting any spoiler votes from women.

Republicans are now about to be handed the Drug Czar Biden and Kamala Harris Antifa leadership they so richly deserve. After all, did they not in October threaten women voters with a zealot appointed to the Court specifically to overturn the Roe v Wade decision? That Roe v Wade decision was copied from the Libertarian Platform the year Ayn Rand told voters to vote for Nixon instead of John Hospers.(link


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