When Republicans wooed women

Grrrl ballots rule!
Argentina, recent exporter of Pontiffs, has decided women are individuals…
Ireland, where women were made cattle by Reagan-Ceausescu-era anti-individual laws, repealed Amendment 8

After the Libertarian party plank of 1972 became the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision, Republicans jumped on our bandwagon and endorsed the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Libertarian Party Platform of June 17, 1972 said:

“We further support the repeal of all laws restricting voluntary birth control or voluntary termination of pregnancies during their first hundred days.”

LP Candidates were John Hospers and Tonie Nathan. Ours was the first viable party to field a lady candidate for vice-president and secure for her an electoral vote–12 years before the Dems finally followed our lead. The popular election was 7 November of 1972, and electoral votes were counted in December.

On January 22, 1973, 45 days after the electoral votes were counted the Supreme Court decided in ROE v. WADE:

“(a) For the stage prior to approximately the end of the first trimester, the abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman’s attending physician. …”

Here is the resulting 1976 Republican party plank on women, from before the Prohibition Party reasserted the control it has exercised over God’s Own Prohibitionists since 1928.

Women, who comprise a numerical majority of the population, have been denied a just portion of our nation’s rights and opportunities. We reaffirm our pledge to work to eliminate discrimination in all areas for reasons of race, color, national origin, age, creed or sex and to enforce vigorously laws guaranteeing women equal rights.

The Republican Party reaffirms its support for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Our Party was the first national party to endorse the E.R.A. in 1940. We continue to believe its ratification is essential to insure equal rights for all Americans. In our 1972 Platform, the Republican Party recognized the great contributions women have made to society as homemakers and mothers, as contributors to the community through volunteer work, and as members of the labor force in careers. The Platform stated then, and repeats now, that the Republican Party “fully endorses the principle of equal rights, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities for women.” The Equal Rights Amendment is the embodiment of this principle and therefore we support its swift ratification.

The question of abortion is one of the most difficult and controversial of our time. It is undoubtedly a moral and personal issue but it also involves complex questions relating to medical science and criminal justice. There are those in our Party who favor complete support for the Supreme Court decision which permits abortion on demand. There are others who share sincere convictions that the Supreme Court’s decision must be changed by a constitutional amendment prohibiting all abortions. Others have yet to take a position, or they have assumed a stance somewhere in between polar positions.

We protest the Supreme Court’s intrusion into the family structure through its denial of the parents’ obligation and right to guide their minor children. The Republican Party favors a continuance of the public dialogue on abortion and supports the efforts of those who seek enactment of a constitutional amendment to restore protection of the right to life for unborn children.
The Social Security System, our federal tax laws, and unemployment and disability programs currently discriminate against women and often work against married couples as well. These inequities must be corrected. We recognize that special support must be given to the increasing number of women who have assumed responsibility as the heads of households while also being wage earners. Programs for job training, counseling and other services should be established to help them attain their dual role in society.

We reiterate the pledges elsewhere in this platform of support for child care assistance, part-time and flexible-time work that enables men and women to combine employment and family responsibilities, estate tax reform, small business assistance for women, rape prevention and elimination of discriminatory housing practices.

*** They lost. Voters shot down “lone gunman” Gerald Ford and fragged Bob Dole. It took an even worse band of totalitarian mystics to again make the Republican half of The Kleptocracy look good by comparison.

The Republicans’ cowardly straddle informed women that the Comstock party could not decide between the mutually exclusive rights of individuals and the Prohibitionists’ attribution of counterfeit “rights” to fertilized ova, and promised both. The Libertarian party, yielding to pressure from violent fanatics in the GOP and Prohibition party, copied this same mistake by degrees beginning in 1984,

“However, we also oppose all tax funding for abortions.” (Prostatectomies still OK)
Then the LP was roped into characterizing fanatical shaming, protography, stalking and harassment as “nonviolent anti-abortion protests” worthy of government protection. 

Women have crossed the street to avoid the Libertarian Party ever since. Insincerity and cowardice do NOT earn us spoiler votes. 

Expect the current LNC (the one with the antichoice harridan as secretary, the one that put a borderless communist anarchist on the ticket and wiped out all our gains) to next offer another straddle to please totalitarian fanatics with “sincere convictions” and “good faith” commitments to violence, coercion and the initiation of force: 

Recognizing that the Second Amendment is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.


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