Opposition party spokesman Styx

Exploiting the wishful self-deception of frustrated National Socialists has evidently become an attractive enough source of income to attract hepcats willing to stoop for easy pickings. The message is the usual litany of tu quoque and turgid accusations against lengthy rolls of dramatis personae. In other words, the usual serving of Nationalsocialist hot buttons with pauper foreigners instead of communists and wealthy mixed-economy parasites instead of stock-exchange Jewry. Appeals to Jesus are not as frequent as Hitler’s and the fascist penchant for pointing guns at women’s clinics is sidestepped and suppressed at every opportunity. By miscopying several tangential libertarian talking points, people like Tarl and Alex Jones color their performances with enough faux-libertarian mimicry to reassure Republican and Army of God dupes that they have a better understanding of freedom and coercion than libertarians–let alone godless atheist objectivists.

A side effect of these cheap imitations is that the semiliterate communist and cultured looter intelligentzia both have an easier time convincing THEIR dupes that libertarians are girl-bullying, Comstockist, book-burning, ku-klux lynch mobsters of the sort that voted in Bush & Bush2, yet failed to saddle us with McCain and Harridan or Mitt and Whutzisface. Real libertarians, these prophets assert, vote to send men to point guns at doctors and nurses at women’s clinics and to kick in the door and shoot dogs, kids and other occupants who might otherwise use the wrong kind of plant leaf. Why? Because all the things they predicted Clinton and Obama wanted to do, the other half of the force-initiating Kleptocracy are about to do–if God’s Own Prohibitionists don’t win–are much worse. Fascism’s a lesser evil, hence a Greater Good, got that? It doesn’t matter that Obama didn’t boil missionary children the way Republican National Socialists prophesied. None of the things Hitler said about Jews ever happened either, but the NSDAP went from a Gary-Johnson-like 3% to nearly half the total vote. Enough to jail their opponents and justify nuking those same duped voters had they not killed themselves in the nick of time

To make the theatrics more convincing, Comstockist republicans and communist anarchists have quietly infiltrated the Libertarian Party since 1980.(link) This is easily seen by comparing the original 1972 and 1976 platforms with current editions. Easily seen, that is, if you can find an authentic Libertarian Party platform. Here’s the April 2021 search result on a Kleptocracy site: (link) This is in keeping with the publication of National Party Platforms in 1972, listing every Kleptocracy, communist, socialist and prohibition platform since 1840, but NOT the 1972 Libertarian platform which the U. of Illinois Press disparaged and elided from its published compilation. An exhaustive inner search turns up this version NOT findable via Google: (1972 link)

Words in the Libertarian Party Platform

1980s platforms were soon swelled and contaminated with “Children’s Rights” (Child Prostitution, Molesting) planks that have not yet been deleted entirely.(link) Instead, voters are told to pretend they aren’t there. In 1992, after George Holy War Bush demanded the death sentence for some plant leaves and was ousted for senility, the LP platform was a rambling 12,435 words amounting to an hour and 20 minutes of boredom. A resumption of glossolalian tendencies in 2004 brought an apposite reaction and in 2008 the platform was again terse, even if unattractive to the female half of the electorate. Women were twice attracted to the party that wrote the Roe v Wade decision and handed it to the Supreme Court. So if clowns, anarchists, fascists, con artists and impostors are able to impersonate and infiltrate the LP–even mine it for enemy votes and donations like so many brood parasites, we have only our own Platform Committee to blame.(link)

The communist anarchist interpretation of the objectivist Non-Aggression Principle is non-sequitured into a demand that infected cattle, terrorists, foreign comandos and peasants fleeing Republican-exported economic collapse must enter uninspected into These Sovereign States.(link) That suggestion was entered into the platform as soon as The Kleptocracy realized that our 4 million spoiler votes had shifted way more than enough votes to change the outcome.(link) All Tarl and Alex have to do is fulminate against such treasonous gibberish and The Kleptocracy is free to kick in doors, confiscate your car and home for no reason and nobody will say a word. Another new plank calls for keeping the government out of the death sentence, presumably so good faith Army of God vigilantes can have a free hand killing individuals and not even face a hanging.

The brutal murder of any number of handcuffed black gentlemen is waved away by waving a throwdown coroner’s report saying the victim was actually walking-dead before the First Responder™ crushed his throat–settled science. Self-deception enables Tarl to imagine anyone actually believes the throwdown report. Women who watched news of Robert Dear murdering people at a Planned Parenthood wouldn’t vote differently if the fabrication were exposed and admitted in writing. Republicans (Trump, Judge Amy, Linseed Graham Cracker, Ted Hakencreuz and Congressharridan Greene-Teeth) want people like Robert Dear to coerce them with loaded guns on behalf of Their Invisible Friend. THAT settled the issue and also settled the outcome of the election. Inventing invisible vote fraud is the self-deception of bullies that just got their butts whipped by a bunch of girls, nothing more. Tarl and Alex helped elect Biden and also to undermine long-term support for peaceful non-aggression. They must be proud.


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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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