Libertarian-impersonator resigns!

Mr. Henchman,
I am writing to request your resignation from the LNC (Libertarian National Committee).(link)

I have no idea whether you are an impostor, hostile infiltrator, spy, traitor, plant, agent provocateur or fool. The function of spoiler votes has been published and out in the open for a full 12 years now. Yet you pretend we are a jobs agency for wannabe politicians.(link)

Our job at this position on the logistics replacement curve is to minimize coercion by publishing a good platform and running candidates to defend that platform. Fratricidal efforts by the looter factions will do the rest of the work for us. You, however, are a liability to this effort, whereas Bill Weld is an asset.(link)

If you do not believe me try your hand at running for at-large elected office rather than working to destroy our platform. Your votes are still welcome, but your resolutions, advice and meddling aren’t.(link)

In any case, this is a formal request, perhaps the first of many, from a card-carrying, dues-paying Libertarian party volunteer and member of long standing. I’ll be happy to put this on parchment and publish it before the world.
Cheerfully,, Thursday, February 7, 2019, 11:15 AM.

Voters clearly repelled by no-borders anarchism, mercenary executions plank, and batshit-loser albatross for VP (link)

Reason Magazine announced on June 23, 2021:
“Joseph Bishop-Henchman resigned Friday as chair of the Libertarian National Committee…” (link)
Needless to say I was thrilled, though disappointed it took the brood parasite 2 years, 4 months and 3 weeks to finally resign. I am indebted to the New Hampshire LP for whatever it was that accomplished what needed to be done.

For the record, I have volunteered for the Travis County Libertarian Party since 1983, pay dues and volunteered for the Libertarian Defense Caucus since 1982, paid dues and supported LPs and candidates since that time, thanks to Petr Beckman convincing me it was right.(link)

In Austin, Texas, Travis County, communist anarchist Spike dragged Jo to last place!

Henchman, Spike, Vermin, Secretary Tokyo Rose et alii are a replay of communist anarchist infiltrator Jeff Hummel, whom Fred Ebner identified as a candidate for agent provocateur and saboteur in the Travis County Party. Search the Google News archives or any other compendium of newspapers from the last 200 years and you will see that up until 1971, all anarchists describe themselves as communists and socialists, and all journalists understood that communists, anarchists and socialists (national and international) are the same thing compared to laissez-faire free traders, Objectivists and libertarians.

Since The Terror, A is a subset of C

It was only after we formed the party that violent, legalize-murder communists baptized themselves soi disant libertarians, and began the work of polluting the original 1972 platform with idiotic planks designed to repel voters.(link) They have likewise been instrumental in deleting the plank that protected women from the bloody-coathanger Dixiecrat fanaticism of George Wallace partisans, and striving to undermine the Second Amendment in favor of “treaties” with communo-fascist dictatorships.(link)

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