We Wuz Robbed!

Robbing is our bidness; we’re The Kleptocracy!(link)

When this Iowa newspaper was published, William McKinley had been promoted from governor of Ohio to president of the United States, and the communist ideology that had founded the Republican Party had shifted over to the Democrats. William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech was mesmerizing the masses and cleaving the Democratic Party in twain – a development big-city machine Republicans greeted with whoops of joy.

Burning crosses and looter rhetoric

Sixteen years earlier the Democratic Party platform had decried the encroachment of despotism by vote fraud. After reaffirming its opposition to laws outlawing the consumption of alcohol and drugs, the party went on to demand a free ballot and decry the surrounding of ballot boxes by troops and deputy marshals to intimidate and obstruct the election, and the false count of electoral votes which in 1876-77 had installed the candidate defeated at the polls as President.(link)

Communism regurgitates and re-swallows

Hillary Clinton ran on a platform calling for police to shoot and rob Blacks, Latinos and hepcats in general over plant leaves (just like the Republicans). She also wanted to continue sending men with guns, tanks, napalm, landmines and flamethrowers out to murder women kids houses and villages, just like Lyndon Johnson and every Republican since Johnson. Naturally she was horrified, and shrieked “fraud” after losing that election. Her sycophants ran ads begging the electoral college not to install as president the candidate who had lost at the Great Unwashed polls.(link)

The reason Donald Trump lost at the polls was that the Libertarian party ran a credible candidate on a reasonable platform. Gary Johnson was not a bomb-throwing communist anarchist cross-dressing as a libertarian, and the LP platform did not invite suicide bombers and dangerous criminals to enter These States uninspected. As a result the Libertarian party was entrusted with 4 million votes cast by honest Americans. Both halves of the Kleptocracy recoiled in horror at this development, yet dissimilated by pointing the finger at imaginary Russian hackers or Jim Crow election laws.

Sleazy looter wokeness and cruel fanaticism are STILL The Kleptocracy!

The “Fusion” Republicans feared in 1887 was not the least bit nuclear. It was the combination of a Klan-ridden, communist-infiltrated Democratic Party resorting in its desperation to an alliance with a People’s party whose main platform plank was copied from paragraph two of the Communist manifesto. Today’s Democrats have reverted to a similar coalition re-tasking racial collectivism in a different direction. Republicans in the meantime have taken to copying the formulas successfully employed by Theodore Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler, combining racial collectivism with “ethical” eugenics and religious brainwashing. Out of that we got the Panic of 1907, the Crash and Great Depression, and World War 2.

Women voters got rid of Bert Hoover, the Klan, Prohibition and The Depression

Enough women voters were attracted to the Libertarian party platform in 1972 to encourage the Supreme Court to copy our plank and rename it Roe v Wade. By infiltration and sabotage, The Kleptocracy has managed to jimmy that plank out of the platform and turn the Libertarian party into a sleazy boys club dominated by communist infiltrators. As a result, the National Socialist half of The Kleptocracy has taken over the State of Texas so that women are now hunted like fugitive slaves in a Harriet Beecher Stowe novel. This could be the wake-up call the Texas Libertarian Party needed to summon the courage to reinstate individual rights for women in the platform, and thereby attract rather than alienate one half of the population. Here is the original Libertarian plank:

We support an end to all subsidies for childbearing built into our present laws, including all welfare plans and the provision of tax-supported services for children. We further support the repeal of all laws restricting voluntary birth control or voluntary termination of pregnancies during their first hundred days. We shall oppose all coercive measures to control population growth.

Libertarian Party Platforms, 1972, 1976.
Communist anarchist and mystical Republican delegates have had their say. Their Ignoble Experiment is a monument to failure.

The Libertarian Party’s 2020 nomination of a female Quisling pressing for bloody coat-hanger abortions and an ignorant tool advocating no-borders anarchism cost the Libertarian party ballot access to half the States in the Union and more than half the votes we earned in the 2016 election against the same Republican oaf and a senile prohibitionist Democrat. There is a lesson there that ought not to be forgotten.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

What caused The Crash?

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Brazilian blog

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2 thoughts on “We Wuz Robbed!

  1. In Canada, we now have an alternative to the Libertarian party (which has never won a seat in my memory). That is the Peoples Party, led by former conservative Maxime Bernier. Much of the party’s platform is libertarian and it won 6% of the popular vote in this year’s election. Of course the MSM are doing their masters’ bidding and smearing Bernier as worse than Hitler. After our Conservatives moved arguably left of center, the PPC is now the only mainstream party that is neither on the far left nor beholden to corporate interests.

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    • America’s looter Kleptocracy holds all kinds of seats both its factions use to enact coercive usurpations. The Libertarian Party, through the leverage of spoiler votes, offers voters the opportunity to vote for THEMSELVES. Their salutary effect is that by making the worst looters of either faction lose, we win by improving the laws rather than holding seats. All voters have to do is use the opportunity to make their preferences known via votes the looters ignore at their peril. Before 1972, the communists, socialists, slavers, prohibitionists and such all used the same mechanism to help increase the violence of law. We are reversing this trend, and doing it with the same 1 to 4% of the vote our benighted grandparents used. It beats protesting.


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