Real Global Snowfall Trend

This is Libertariantranslator’s attempt to repost a reproducible scientific measurement by Zoe Phin. The original post is well worth visiting.(link) This is actual science by someone who shows her work, and includes the code needed to verify it is accurate in its derivation.

*** Here’s Zoe:

In a previous post, I tried measuring the global snowfall trend over the last 41 years using a pixel color technique because I couldn’t find the original data behind NASA’s public images. I have now found the higher resolution data needed to find the most accurate global snowfall trend.

The data is from here1. The results are very different, but the direction of the trend remains. It turns out that I had greatly underestimated the positive trend in snowfall by nearly 2.5x.

Here is the real global snowfall trend:

See? Visit the original and voilá! Data show snowfall is increasing despite the subsidized hot air expelled by unnamed scientist impersonators.(link)

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