Libertarian Candidate Speech

Drones on the government payroll were increasing before 1972

Hello fellow voters,
My name is Libertarian Candidate and I’m here to ask for your vote, but I am not asking you to vote for me personally. I’m not a politician. Like you, I work for a living and want more opportunities for the next generation. What I want you to do is vote for yourself. This is an entirely different thing from what our opponents want. I want you to understand that by voting for the Libertarian platform you leave the antique parties no choice but to repeal many of the bad laws and taxes they’ve passed in two centuries. Here’s the Libertarian website.( There you can download a podcast of our party platform. Our platform takes only 20 minutes to listen to or read.(link in Portuguese) Our adversaries do not ask you to read or hear their platform, much less compare it with ours, which is only six pages.

My opponents want you to believe that you will benefit when they take your earnings to buy votes from people who want higher taxes and more regulations, subsidies and handouts.(link) I believe the opposite.
I benefit when you earn your own money and spend it the way you choose. Like you, I understand that the looter parties have already taxed and squandered fortunes. If you believed they kept their promises you wouldn’t be here. I’m not asking you to throw good votes after bad. I ask for your vote because if you vote Libertarian, you win.
What is winning?

Decreasing bureaucrats with Libertarian Party votes

Winning is causing the entrenched, tax-subsidized political parties to repeal the taxes and prohibitions they have been increasing all your life at the expense of your freedom to choose. Winning is increasing freedom.(link) The Federal payroll was expanding before the Libertarian Party entered the 1972 race. Now the trendline shows it is shrinking. (source, OPM)

You win when you invest your honest vote as marketable goods and use that vote to let politicians know what you want. Every time one drone loses to another by 2% when our candidate got 3% of the vote, their politicians and judges read our platform and try to imitate us to get those votes away from the other gang. By voting for freedom you set a good example for politicians and judges to follow–whenever they vote instead of you.

For two centuries tiny parties of religious fanatics and socialist agitators have run candidates and gotten roughly 2 or 3 percent of the vote. Those spoiler votes often made the difference between winner and loser because both shopworn parties are trying to ensnare the same voters. They changed the Constitution, but unfortunately made it worse.

Did you know that the Prohibition Party averaged 1.4% of the vote in ten presidential campaigns? That was enough to pass the Prohibition Amendment.(link) Socialist populists averaged 2.3% of the vote and over the course of five presidential elections moved the income tax from the communist manifesto to the Constitution. Together those amendments caused the Great Depression.(link) Only now, since 1972, have voters had the opportunity to consistently vote for less coercion and more freedom.

In the 1972 election the Libertarian Party got fewer than 4000 individual votes, but those votes convinced the Supreme Court to repeal the Comstock laws and legalize birth control for women.(link) Remember the draft? Our platform called for its repeal. The last draft call was one month after that election, on December 7, 1972. Authority for drafting young men ended June 30, 1973. Four thousand Libertarian votes ended hundreds of bad laws and increased freedom for Americans. Recently we earned four million votes in a presidential election and many more in down-ballot races.(link) A few of us actually get elected, which helps convince the looter parties to more quickly adopt our policies in order to keep their paychecks. Look how quickly they now scramble to stop cops from shooting kids over plant leaves.

To them it is the difference between spending your earnings and having to get a real job. I already have a job, and if I wanted socialism or religious rule I’d move to Europe or Asia. I am running for office to make machine politicians study and learn from the Libertarian party’s commitment to letting freedom help us all.(link) With your leveraged vote, you and I both can increase freedom by reducing coercion.(link) Don’t forget to tell your friends about our free recordings of the 20-minute platform, and urge them to compare before they vote.

Voluntarily yours,
Libertarian C. Candidate (the C stands for Cheerful)

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What caused The Crash?

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Clarity isn’t oversimplification

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4 thoughts on “Libertarian Candidate Speech

  1. Here in Canada we have a new party that has roots in Libertarianism, the People’s Party. In our last election, the second for the People’s Party, the party’s support grew to around 5%. This was enough to punish the Conservative party, a corporate party which moved toward the center, with a second consecutive defeat. While this means another term of center left Liberal government, one hopes that eventually, the Conservatives will see that by trying to broaden their appeal to authoritarian centrists, they lose their “lock” on the liberty minded, to the point where we punish them, and the loss of Libertarian support, combined with having to split the centrist vote with the Liberals, keeps them in opposition. It’s worth suffering another term with the Liberals until the Conservatives learn a lesson.

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      • I would have gone with Freedom Party, personally. Liberal has a weird meaning in the US as well. Progressive Conservative (the name of the old conservative party that merged with the Reform party to give us our Conservatives) is an oxymoron. Our socialist party are called the New Democrats. Canadian politicians are clearly sh*t at naming parties.


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