Book Censors

Big Bill Thompson championed book banning in 1927

Beer was a deadly narcotic Congress wanted banned, and the Sedition and Espionage acts had set a further example urging coercion and violence in defense of belligerent hubris. So Republican Mayor Thompson was not all that different from other politicians of his time–or ours.(link)

Drink was once the “assassin of youth”; nowadays vice is still equivocated with crime by burners of books and Beatles albums.(link)

Nowadays republicans have managed to alienate the women’s vote the way they did in 1929. Before Prohibition, women weren’t allowed in saloons except through the “ladies’ entrance.” But illegal speakeasies were under no such regulation, and men had a hard time finding a place at the bar when Pauline Sabine was rallying for Repeal of the 18th Amendment.(link) Texas has enacted a Fugitive Slave Act enlisting bounty hunters in efforts to coerce women into involuntary labor of reproduction. This raises the hope voters may again retaliate as they did from 1932 to 1952, and open a vacancy for the libertarian party to replace God’s Own Prohibitionists the way that leaking hulk once replaced the Whigs.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Linseed Graham Cracker, DeSantis and Klan Mom Marjorie Greene Teeth represent most of what has been wrong with one geriatric half of the Kleptocracy for the past century. But Bernie and Drug Czarist Biden are no less appalling in their doddering saturation with pseudoscience. America, the bastion of reason before prohibitionism, has become a clown act even compared to Europe and Asia, which have hardly changed at all, yet gain by comparison lately. (link)

Good reading: In Rabi, Scientist & Citizen, John Rigden accidentally relates how even the most brilliant European scientists failed to escape Old World ruts. Despite Nobel-prize achievements in physics and weapons design, Rabi–like Panovsky, Szilard and too many others–still placed hope in new versions of the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement that knifed Poland in twain for Hitler and Stalin, then segued seamlessly into a World War. Only our Second Amendment, baffling as it is to Old World thinkers, has saved us from such endless loops.(link)


Republican policies cause major crashes

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Brazilian blog

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